Chargers Special: 5 Reasons to be Thankful for the San Diego Chargers

Credit: Sporting News
Credit: Sporting News

Junior Seau

The immortal linebacker of his hometown San Diego Chargers will always be remembered for the passion he brought to the field every game. He will also be remembered for the fantastic human being he was and all he did for the citizens of San Diego. Junior truly went above and beyond for the city of San Diego.

In his 13 year career as a Chargers linebacker, Seau amassed 1,478 tackles and 47 sacks. He made 12 consecutive Pro-Bowls for the Chargers and was undoubtedly the heart and soul of the team. The 6-time first team All-Pro was drafted in the first round of the 1990 draft from USC. It was a dream scenario for Seau.

He provided immediate impact to the defense his rookie season. In his Chargers career Junior Seau played in at least 13 games every season. The man played despite injuries and his presence alone on the field scared opposing teams offensive coordinators. He was a beast on the field and a puppy dog in the locker room and when dealing with fans. A true great professional athlete of his time.

Seau was recently enshrined into the Hall-Of-Fame and the speech given by his daughter will always be a lasting memory. She spoke so well for her father and most Chargers fans could almost see the legend standing there along side his first-born child. We are thankful for knowing Junior Seau and having the pleasure to watch him perform for our Chargers. He will always be greatly missed.


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