Chargers Quickly Becoming the Laughing-Stock of the NFL

DENVER, CO - SEPTEMBER 11: Quarterback Philip Rivers #17 of the Los Angeles Chargers walks off the field after losing the game to the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on September 11, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

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Thanks Dean.

We really appreciate how you have taken one of San Diego’s prized jewels and turned them into a circus act in Los Angeles. No, I take that back. A circus has organization and is a well-oiled machine that takes numerous competent individuals to run it successfully. The Chargers are more like a freak show now. That is the simple truth.

Renting a stadium, in a market where you are somewhere around the 15th-20th most popular sports team, is a moronic business decision. The short-sighted Spanos followed the money potential to Los Angeles, but he is too ignorant to see the big picture. The Chargers may generate more income eventually playing in the second largest city in the country. They could eventually crack the top-10 in relevance for the area. It may take 10-20 years and a few championships to do it though.

Are they capable of that type of success? Nope. Not with the constant lack of leadership that plagues that organization. I know. Fans that still root for the team will call me salty. That is fine. Maybe I am. Or maybe I am just no longer blinded by the fandom of that team. I can no longer look the other way as the franchise constantly does things incorrectly.

My interest in the team is gone.

I had no intention of covering the team this season for this site. But this constant abuse of the Chargers is very newsworthy to the San Diego sports community. East Village Times is all about SD Sports, and the failure of the Chargers is, sadly, something that people want to hear about.

Every single football week, there is reference to Chargers and their failures. Contrary to what most fans of the team are reporting, the news is not just coming from the San Diego sports media. The national media is taking note. This story will not go away. The 0-4 Chargers are not playoff-bound. They have numerous issues within the team that have been neglected, and now there are so many outside distractions as well. The ship is sinking and there is no way to fix it.

They are dead to me. I am not rooting against them, but I have to admit I am enjoying the pain that their owner must be feeling. You know that Dean Spanos is not sleeping well at night. You know he questions the decision to move, whether he wants to admit it or not. Alex Spanos is still alive. The patriarch of the team, who bought the Chargers in the 80’s, is sadly just a shadow of his former self. I wonder, if health wasn’t a factor, would he have been the savior to end the madness with this franchise and the city of San Diego years ago?

I will always root for Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates, even though I can no longer bring myself to wear their jerseys and represent their team. They have such a thick history in the city of San Diego, that they will always be honorable sons of the city. No matter what, you can never take away the history of the San Diego Chargers. For now, ex-fans like myself will just sit back and gloat. The NFL was dead wrong to do what they did to the city, and so was Dean Spanos. Each and every day, it is becoming more and more apparent that this is the case. You made your bed, Dean. Now lie in it.

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