Chargers Special: 5 Reasons to be Thankful for the San Diego Chargers

Credit: Bleacher Report
Credit: Bleacher Report

Dan Fouts

Arguably the greatest quarterback in franchise history is Dan Fouts. When it is all said and done Philip Rivers could very easily be that man, but for the time being we will give thanks to Dan Fouts and the fact he helped change the game of football forever.

The game up until the Air Coryell era, was about smash mouth football. Sure there were exceptions like Johnny Unitas and Joe Namath, but Don Coryell brought an offense to the Chargers that nobody had seen before and Fouts was the perfect person for it. He had no fear in throwing down field and often attacked opposing teams defenses with bombs down the field.

Fouts had a 15 year career for the Chargers, never playing another snap for anyone else. He totaled 43,040 yards and threw 254 touchdowns. Dan Fouts led the league in yards thrown per game (1979-1983) at the height of the Air Coryell era. The Chargers offense was unstoppable but the team failed to advance to the Super Bowl.

All though Fouts never had the chance to perform on the biggest stage, he helped change the game and for the longest time was the most well-known Charger. He has turned to broadcasting in recent years, doing quite a few Chargers games along the way. The six-time Pro Bowl quarterback was inducted into the Hall-Of-Fame in 1993. We are thankful for Dan Fouts and his rocket arm and the fact he helped put the San Diego Chargers on the map.


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