Chargers Special: 5 Reasons to be Thankful for the San Diego Chargers

Credit: AP Photo
Credit: AP Photo

The Fans

Despite all the negativity surrounding the Chargers this season with most home games looking like road games, the fans of this franchise have passion. The issues with the stadium and the fact the team has under achieved have left some fans up in arm. There are still plenty of fans out there supporting the team though no matter what.

I can vividly remember winning the AFC Championship in 1994 and seeing the celebration spill out to the city streets. The feeling was amazing and the fans of the Chargers united to create a very special moment in the teams history. The victory was like a dream and the frenzy on the street of Mission Beach was crazy.

San Diego sports fans are fickle, but when they come out to support their team…they can be quite powerful. I can still remember being at Jack Murphy Stadium welcoming the Padres home after losing two straight to the Chicago Cubs. Chanting “Three in a row! Three in a row!!!” was a special memory and that powerful moment in SD Sports history was an example of how powerful this fan base can be.

That type of magic has been missing for the past few seasons as the stadium issue has clouded the team’s future. Still the fans are there and they will support the Chargers no matter what their record is. We are thankful for the Chargers fans and the hope they carry each game day for their beloved home team. Go Bolts! Bolt Up!


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