Chargers Special: 5 Reasons to be Thankful for the San Diego Chargers

Courtesy: AP Photo
Courtesy: AP Photo

The 1994 Super Bowl

Winning that road game in Pittsburgh against the Steelers shocked the football world. The Chargers were under dogs and a last second deflection by line backer Dennis Gibson put the Chargers into the Super Bowl. This memory was fantastic for Chargers fans as the team finally made it to the Super Bowl.

The Chargers had a tough task ahead of them as they would take on the San Francisco 49ers and a team that can be described as a dream team. The Chargers would lose 49-26 in a game that was never really close. The Niners were plain and simply a better team and the Chargers were no match. Stan Humphries and Natrone Means put in a quality effort, but they just could not pull out a victory.

I can recall the street of Mission Beach filled with Chargers fans cheering and celebrating together. Chargers flags, jerseys and blankets being draped around everyone’s shoulders with nothing but positive attitudes everywhere. Even in a loss. That kind of special memory is what fuels the belief that one day this city will hoist a professional sports championship. One day.

The Chargers have a solid history and hopefully will have many more lasting memories for generations of new Chargers fans. Being thankful for this team allows you to realize how much this team truly means to you. The players and the events of this franchise provide a time stamp to your life. We all recognize these players and moments as special times in our lives. For the good or bad we are thankful for the Chargers.

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