Padres Editorial: Top 5 Free Agents the Padres Should Pursue

Credit: Robb Carr/Getty Images
Credit: Robb Carr/Getty Images

Ian Desmond

There is no need greater for the Padres then a quality, everyday shortstop. Last season saw the team play Alexi Amarista, Clint Barmes, Will Middlebrooks and Jedd Gyorko at the position. Both Middlebrooks and Gyorko had never played the position before in the Major Leagues. The result was horrid as the Padres got no production from their shortstop position except for when Gyorko played the position the last month of the season.

Gyorko was productive with the bat and was rarely victimized on the field, but he is not a long-term option at the position. The search goes on for the second year G.M. Luckily this years free agent class has the likes of Jimmy Rollins, Asdrubal Cabrera, and Alexei Ramirez available. Ian Desmond is also available although adding him to the Padres roster would cost the team a draft selection. Not sure if the team is willing to lose a pick in acquiring a shortstop.

Desmond’s numbers have been trending downward and his value has too. At one time it was rumored he rejected a $100 million contract. He will never get that at this point, but could get close to $60 million from the right team. He made $11 million this year and if his value falls far enough he might be attractive to the Padres despite having to give up a pick for his services.

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