Padres Editorial: Top 5 Free Agents the Padres Should Pursue

Credit: Nathan Denette/AP Photo
Credit: Nathan Denette/AP Photo

Alex Gordon

Jason Heyward would be a great fit for the San Diego Padres, but there are reports he could get a $200 million contract. There is no way the Padres can afford that type of commitment to a player. Heyward is very solid on all aspects of the game and that is the type of player the Padres need to add to their roster. Alex Gordon is a poor man’s Jason Heyward if you will. He is five years older than Heyward, and that is why his value will be attractive to the Padres.

At the age of 31 Gordon is not old by any stretch of the imagination. He should still have plenty of good years left in him. Gordon played in 104 games this season hitting 13 homers and contributing 48 RBIs while batting .271 for the World Champion Royals. Gordon had won four straight Gold Gloves, before missing out this season. He is a defensive stud and has a 7.4 defensive WAR rating in five years since being moved to the outfield from third base.

Gordon turned down his 2016 player option for $14 million dollars. He is looking for a multi-year deal and it the neighborhood of $15-18 million per season. The Padres could lock him up if they wanted to, but he has a great allegiance to the Royals. The Royals however can’t get into a bidding war so if the Padres offer more money, he could take the challenge and move to San Diego. The Royals are one of the few franchises the Padres can outbid if they really wanted to.


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