The EVT Staff’s Predictions for the AFC West in 2016

Credit: Pro Football Spot
Credit: Pro Football Spot

Football is finally back!

With the conclusion of the Super Bowl 50 rematch between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos officially in the books – sorry Panthers nation – it’s time to gear up for the upcoming season, and the twists and turns that inevitably come with professional football.

In order to help you get a sense of how the NFL season will play out, at least for the San Diego Chargers and their division rivals, the staff at East Village Times has submitted its predictions for who will win the division, who will make the playoffs and who will fall short of expectations.

In addition to the below records projections, several EVT writers will accompany their predictions with detailed overviews of why a certain team will have a given record – fully admissible in any and all bar room debates and squabbles.

Without further ado, here are the staff’s predictions for the AFC West in 2016.




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Marcel Forster
6 years ago

2016 AFC West Prediction
Marcel Forster: Broncos (10-6), Chargers (9-7), Chiefs (9-7), Raiders (7-9)

Chargers finish second in division. Unfortunately, I don’t think a 9-7 record will be enough for a wild card spot. Of course , they could be lucky enough to make it with a 9-7 record, like in 2013. The same year Ken Whisenhunt was offensive coordinator for the Bolts…

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