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(Jose Castillo) Credit: USA Today Sports

40- Jose Castillo  Age: 22.5  LHP

This lefty is very impressive. He has a fiery demeanor and enjoys attacking hitters. Castillo made his way to the Padres in 2018 and has shown well against major league hitters. He has a mid to high 90’s fastball with a sweeping slider. Castillo can get wild from time to time, but has not been limited in that capacity since his promotion to the majors. He will lose eligibility to this list at some point in 2018.

39- Mason Thompson  Age: 20.4  RHP

At 6-foot-7, Mason Thompson is intimidating on the mound. The Padres selected the Texan prep pitcher in 2016 despite the fact he missed his senior year with Tommy John surgery. Thompson has yet to get back his high velocity fastball, but there is still hope is will come in time. He is still very young and has plenty of time to add to his wiry frame. His curve and change are getting better as he gains more experience in pro ball. Health is the key for this young man as he has an excellent ceiling.

38- Owen Miller  Age: 21.5  SS

A constant ability to square up baseballs and drive them is what Owen Miller brings to the game of baseball. He is not very powerful in terms of home run power, but he does drive the ball well. Miller is also widely regarded as a “gamer”. He enjoys playing the game of baseball and will do the little things to get a team the victory. The three-year starter at shortstop for Illinois State University should be  to stick at the position as he is very smooth with the glove. He has adjusted well in his debut at Tri-City and could be promoted soon.

37- Trey Wingenter  Age: 24.2  RHP

The hard throwing right handed pitcher has struggled a bit in 2018. He still has a triple digit fastball coming from his 6-foot-7 frame which is imposing. Wingenter has struggled with mechanics slightly, probably due to his size. The slider is a work in progress, but he has shown some ability with it. Expect Wingenter to get a chance very soon with the Padres as he has made all the necessary stops in the minors. In recent weeks he has pitched much better and should be promoted at some point in 2018.

(Owen Miller) Credit: EVT News

36- Manuel Partida  Age: 17.8  LHP

This talented Mexican left-handed pitcher is worth noting. He has shown advanced knowledge of the game at a very early age. At 6-foot-1 and 175 lbs, he has decent size and could get bigger and stronger in time. Currently in the DSL, Partida shows excellent composure as he constantly pounds the zone with his pitches. Chris Kemp has raved about his demeanor and ability. He is still very young, but could really make a name for himself in 2019.

35- Jordy Barley  Age: 18.5   INF

This right handed hitter shows flashes of a plus bat from time to time. His speed is also a plus, though he has yet to really translate it into stolen bases. The Dominican infielder is still learning his craft and could take time to find his stride. Presently he gets beat a little too much on fastballs, but there is no reason to believe that is a long-term issue. Defensively, he has a plus arm and great range at shortstop. He could stick at that position or could move depending on what kind of strides he makes with the bat. There is upside here.

34- Frank Lopez  Age: 17.2  RHP

At 17, this young man will climb this list in the next 12 months. By the time he starts his full season professional career, he should be on the cusp of the team’s top 30. He is armed with a mid 90’s fastball that has great movement to it. He has a very advanced changeup and is not afraid to use it. The action on that pitch is unbelievable as it cuts and tails like a split finger fastball. He is relatively unknown, but so was Luis Patino at this point last year.

33- Osvaldo Hernandez  Age: 20.1  LHP

This young man has really blossomed in 2018 and could be a fast riser on this list. He is not blessed with huge size (6-foot/180lbs), but has added strength in the last few months. He is armed with a mid 90’s fastball that has decent run to it. He also throws three off speed pitches (curve, slider, change). The changeup is his best pitch as he sells it very well. The youngster has shown plus moxie on the mound and has a great knowledge of how to pitch. The Cuban pitcher is currently leading the Midwest League with a 1.97 ERA and will be in Lake Elsinore very soon.

32- Grant Little  Age: 21  OF

The right handed hitting outfielder has a knack for barreling up baseball. The Texas Tech product was just selected by the team last month and has been impressive in his debut for the Dust Devils. His swing is level and he slashes balls to all fields. The power is developing and some feel he may eventually be a 15-20 homer guy. He has the speed and range to play center, but was never really asked to in college. There are some whispers that he could eventually move to second base to further his value. We will see how the Padres handle him.

31- Justin Lopez  Age:18.1  INF

This infielder is very young, but has shown well in the Midwest League in 2018. He is a free swinger, but with his size (6-foot-2 and 192 lbs) he should be trying to drive the balls into the gaps. The switch-hitter has shown a quick bat from both sides of the plate, though he has shown a much better approach from the left side of the box. Defensively, he has played all over the infield. He has not shown great range at short though he is capable of playing the position. He might be viewed as a third baseman moving forward.


18 thoughts on “San Diego Padres Top 100 Prospects

  1. I feel sad about Austin Smith. I remember when he was regularly ranked in the top 30. Really hope he finds his control and grows in his abilities again!

  2. I am in awe of what you of put together with this Chronicle of the Padres, Major and especially minor leagues. You’ve so increase my and my son’s knowledge of our team. I appreciate the other writers you bring in also. I’m going to print this massive collection of “the hundred” out to help follow their progress.
    Thank you!

  3. Very entertaining list! Tucupita Marcano is obliterating the pitching he has faced; his slash line is borderline video-game-ish. I’m surprised to see him not ranked in the top 30…is this a function of his lack of power or a true infield position?

  4. James,I think it’s time to move Hudson Potts to SA ,he seems to be the only positional player trending up in the whole program these days.With Tatis out for the year the farm system seemed to lose it’s juice recently.Urias has been doing nothing so besides the pitchers to talk about its pretty boring these days on the farm.Your thoughts on Potts.

    1. He is very close to being ready, but still has some issues with contact. He is still only 19 and the organization is wisely taking their time with him. Players like Tucupita Marcano and Xavier Edwards are trending upward in the AZL. There still are names to be excited about offensively.

  5. This is very helpful. I am glad you enjoy putting this together, many of us enjoy it as well. It seems there are several pitchers in the midst of a TJ recovery (Cosme; etc), any chance of an article chronicling their progress?

  6. James,why is River Stevens not on this list?He was an All Star before he got hurt and is getting most of the SS reps in Tatis absence.

    1. He’s 26. Just missed the cut, actually. I preferred to put kids that were seven and eight years younger. The depth in the system is extraordinary. I couldn’t include everyone. Thanks for the comment.

  7. Great work as always!
    I’m really stoked that you included 2018 draft picks and International signings.
    This is an excellent data base for Pads fans.
    Thank you James!

  8. I love these kind of exhaustive, reference articles. Good job. It would be interesting to know more about Mejia’s defensive issues, as apparently it was a deal breaker for Cleveland.

  9. James, I’m really worried about Anderson Espinoza. He was universally ranked number 1 two-years ago, and then Tommy John. Any reports on whether his velocity will come back, and how he’s progressing?

    1. He is still working his way back. Has yet to really throw off a mound at full speed. Hopefully the velocity returns. His upside is tremendous.

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