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(Jack Suwinski) Credit: Journal Gazette

80Jonny Homza  Age: 19  C

Drafted as a shortstop, this Alaskan prep has worked hard and added plenty of muscle to make a run at being a professional catcher. He works very hard and has a high baseball I.Q. The Padres are pleased with his growth at catcher where he displays a rocket arm and plenty if grit. He just needs to learn the nuances of the position. He has a nice swing, and the power should come in time for the right handed hitter.

79- Jarryd Dale  Age: 17.8  SS

This Australian teenage shortstop is intriguing as he is very young. Dale is the son of a pro ball player and has exceptional feel for the game. He has pretty good size already (6-foot-1) and could move off of the shortstop position in time. He is displaying some pop, but is unclear if the right handed hitter will ultimately have the power to project at the hot corner in the upper minors and beyond. He is a gamer.

78- Yordi Francisco  Age: 21.2  OF

This left-handed hitter has some real promise. He is not as young as some in the AZL, but has held his own this season. He spent two consecutive seasons in the DSL and could be one of the more relevant prospects to come out of that area. He can play center, but looks to be more of a corner outfielder if his hit tool can develop. Look for him to be given a shot eventually at Tri-City.

77Efrain Contreras– Age: 18.5  RHP

This small in stature (5-foot-10) pitcher is really impressing this year and made this list as someone to keep an eye on. He throws strikes and gets swings and misses. The Mexican pitcher is currently in Arizona and could start a full season bid next season for the team at the age of 19. He has struck out 38 batters in 31 innings in the AZL. He is also holding a 1.40 ERA and a 0.776 WHIP in eight games.

76- Jack Suwinski  Age: 20  OF

This is his second go around at the Midwest League and he hasn’t exactly shown much growth. This left-handed hitter has some issues with contact, but is still very young and could develop. He does not have much speed and will need to really hit in order to advance as a corner outfielder. If he can develop some consistency with his swing, he could advance in the system.

(Omar Cruz) Credit: You Tube

75- Alison Quintero  Age: 18.2  C

This right handed hitting catcher was signed when he was 16 out of the country of Venezuela. He has a decent bat and looks to be able to stick behind the plate in the future. His frame and body are that of a stout catcher when he is all done growing. Quintero is still very raw, though. He will need to work hard to progress in this system that is full of catching depth. The upside is here to develop in time.

74- Alberto Fabian- Age: 16.2  OF

Fabian has a very nice swing and easy power from the left side of the box. He has potential to play center, though his speed is still in question. The small in stature Dominican could easily fill out in the next year or so. He was signed this year from the international market for $300,000. Do not expect to see this young man in the States for a couple of years, but it could be worth the wait.

73- Ramon Perez  Age: 19  LHP

I am hearing glowing reports about this Cuban left hander. He has a low 90’s fastball that he spots very well to both side of the plate. He is armed with a plus curve that he uses well. The hurler also throws a change that is a work in progress. He has a great idea of how to pitch and works well on mixing up hitters timing. He has a pretty decent floor and should be able to excel at the upper minor league level. It remains to be seen if he can stick in the rotation.

72- Omar Cruz  Age: 19.5  LHP

Cruz is from Mexico has shown an ability to earn a strikeout when needed. With 13 K/per 9 in his minor league career, there is some something to get excited about. He is presently in Tri-City after a recent promotion from Arizona. At 6-foot-0 and 170 lbs he is not the biggest pitcher, but there is upside here with his stuff. He should be able to remain in the starting rotation for the time being as he has shown the ability to get batters out consistently.

71- Cole Bellinger  Age: 18.6  RHP

Drafted as a sift-tossing pitcher out of high school, Bellinger is starting to show that the velocity could increase in time. He comes from a baseball family and has a high I.Q. about the game and the art of pitching. Currently in Tri-City, he has shown that he could be someone to keep an eye on despite the fact he is not blessed with high-ceiling stuff. Sometimes players who are eager to prove go way beyond their abilities. Bellinger could be that kind of player. One way or another, he will get the job done.


18 thoughts on “San Diego Padres Top 100 Prospects

  1. I feel sad about Austin Smith. I remember when he was regularly ranked in the top 30. Really hope he finds his control and grows in his abilities again!

  2. I am in awe of what you of put together with this Chronicle of the Padres, Major and especially minor leagues. You’ve so increase my and my son’s knowledge of our team. I appreciate the other writers you bring in also. I’m going to print this massive collection of “the hundred” out to help follow their progress.
    Thank you!

  3. Very entertaining list! Tucupita Marcano is obliterating the pitching he has faced; his slash line is borderline video-game-ish. I’m surprised to see him not ranked in the top 30…is this a function of his lack of power or a true infield position?

  4. James,I think it’s time to move Hudson Potts to SA ,he seems to be the only positional player trending up in the whole program these days.With Tatis out for the year the farm system seemed to lose it’s juice recently.Urias has been doing nothing so besides the pitchers to talk about its pretty boring these days on the farm.Your thoughts on Potts.

    1. He is very close to being ready, but still has some issues with contact. He is still only 19 and the organization is wisely taking their time with him. Players like Tucupita Marcano and Xavier Edwards are trending upward in the AZL. There still are names to be excited about offensively.

  5. This is very helpful. I am glad you enjoy putting this together, many of us enjoy it as well. It seems there are several pitchers in the midst of a TJ recovery (Cosme; etc), any chance of an article chronicling their progress?

  6. James,why is River Stevens not on this list?He was an All Star before he got hurt and is getting most of the SS reps in Tatis absence.

    1. He’s 26. Just missed the cut, actually. I preferred to put kids that were seven and eight years younger. The depth in the system is extraordinary. I couldn’t include everyone. Thanks for the comment.

  7. Great work as always!
    I’m really stoked that you included 2018 draft picks and International signings.
    This is an excellent data base for Pads fans.
    Thank you James!

  8. I love these kind of exhaustive, reference articles. Good job. It would be interesting to know more about Mejia’s defensive issues, as apparently it was a deal breaker for Cleveland.

  9. James, I’m really worried about Anderson Espinoza. He was universally ranked number 1 two-years ago, and then Tommy John. Any reports on whether his velocity will come back, and how he’s progressing?

    1. He is still working his way back. Has yet to really throw off a mound at full speed. Hopefully the velocity returns. His upside is tremendous.

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