Potential New Teams for Ex-Chargers Fans (Revised)

The Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers 

I understand the point of this article was to explore options for a new team to follow in the NFL. That being said, the Los Angeles Chargers are a new team in the NFL. Anger exists in many fans, but with time it may heal. Let’s remember the relocation happened because of poor planning, a greedy owner, and a backward-run league.

The players on the Chargers didn’t choose to move to Los Angeles, and the majority, if not all, of the players on the team would probably rather have stayed in San Diego. Philip Rivers is a huge icon to San Diego county. He is arguably the best quarterback to ever play for the Chargers. He won’t be remembered as a Los Angeles Charger, he will be remembered as a San Diego Charger. He has so much love for the city of San Diego and has raised his family here. He will be commuting to Los Angeles during the season to remain with his family.

I have so much anger for the Chargers’ organization, but my love does remain for the players on that team. Regardless of my feelings towards the Chargers, I still do wish these players success. The Chargers do have some exciting players that would be nice to still cheer on. RB Melvin Gordon showed an immense amount of promise last season, and he will continue to develop into one of the best running backs in the league. CB Jason Verrett has as much talent as anybody at the corner back position. 1st round draft pick, Joey Bosa, was electrifying to watch last year, and will take the league by a storm. Keenan Allen, if healthy, has potential to be a top-3 wide receiver in the league. Others, such as tight end Hunter Henry, Melvin Ingram, and CB Casey Hayward, are all players who have the ability to be some of the best in the league, as well at their respective positions. Also, rookie wide receiver Mike Williams has all the potential to be an NFL superstar at the position.

On top of these players’ performance on the field, they made a home in San Diego, and were quality members of the community. No hatred should be directed toward the players, but it is the fans’ discretion whether to continue to root for the team or not. If you do choose to still follow the Chargers, it may be because you don’t want to give up on the team you’ve shed your blood, sweat, and tears for so long. Or you might not care about the city. Regardless, this team had the heart of so many, at one point in time, and now that love could be put towards another franchise, or not.

Regardless of what side you are on in the L.A. Chargers fiasco, in a few years it will be ancient history whether you hate the Chargers, love them, don’t follow the NFL, or are a fan of one of the other 31 teams. The NFL is a rich business, filled with rich owners that don’t care about the fans, but rather the paycheck. This isn’t the first time a team changed zip codes, and it surely won’t be the last.

As fans, we pour our emotions, spend our time, and share our love with our hometown teams. A true fan will cheer on their team, win or lose. A true fan is still a true fan even if they decide to retract their love and support from a team that relocated to a different city. You can say I was a true fan, but no longer care for the team because they abandoned their home. It is a painful experience to remember all the memories and history, only to realize all that history has ended, and the last memory was your team leaving.

The fans of the SAN DIEGO Chargers are no different from the fans of the Houston Oilers, Montreal Expos, St. Louis Rams, Hartford Whalers, Seattle SuperSonics, San Diego Clippers, San Diego Rockets, Buffalo Braves, Washington Senators, Minnesota North Stars, Baltimore Colts, Oakland Raiders, and many more.

R.I.P. San Diego Chargers (1961-2017)

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