Potential New Teams for Ex-Chargers Fans (Revised)

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San Diego State Aztecs

Football isn’t gone from San Diego entirely. The Aztecs still exist, and are coming off their most successful run in history over the past few years. The Aztecs have won consecutive MWC Championships, and are hungry for a third title. I think if you’re a football fan in San Diego, you should have already been supporting the Aztecs, but if not, there’s no better time than right now.

Tickets to the Aztecs game are very affordable. It’d be a change of scenery to go out and support college kids that are also athletes, instead of NFL millionaires. Rocky Long, head coach of the Aztecs, is a hard-nosed coach that doesn’t take crap from anybody. Rocky Long and the Aztecs have also been bringing in some great recruiting classes to an already solid team.

Last season, RB Donnell Pumphrey broke the NCAA all-time career rushing record. This adds to the Aztec football legacy. The new starting running back for the Aztecs in 2017 will be Rashaad Penny, who ran for 1,000 yards himself last season as a second-string RB. He is a big, bruising back with tremendous speed and instinct who will be very exciting to watch.

The Aztecs have potential to run the table this year and make some national noise. It isn’t out of reach for the Aztecs to appear in a New Year’s 6 bowl representing the group of five conferences.

It’s time for the Aztecs to become San Diego’s football team.

Season starts September 2nd against UC Davis.

Baltimore Ravens 

The Ravens signed beloved safety Eric Weddle last year, after he and the Chargers had a sour goodbye. Weddle was fined during the last game of the last season in San Diego for sitting on the sidelines during halftime to watch his daughter perform. That is no way to treat a player that has given your team and community so much.

Weddle recruited another fan favorite from San Diego, RB Danny Woodhead, this off-season. The two have already posted pictures of off-season workouts, and have called out the Chargers on social media. The two are recruiting Ex-Charger fans to Baltimore as well.

Credit: Baltimore Sun

I loved watching Weddle and Woodhead play in San Diego, as did many, but for me personally, the two aren’t enough for me to switch teams. Weddle claimed the Ravens’ ownership treats the players much better. He tweeted about feeling bad for his boy, King Dunlap,after the Chargers released him one day before his salary bonus.

Seattle Seahawks 

The Seahawks have built a pretty solid legacy in the recent years, with a Super Bowl win, and competitive seasons each year. Seattle is one of the more respected organizations in the league. People in Seattle are DIE HARD fans. Joining a fan base like that wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Similar to the preseason game, you can attend a Seattle Seahawks game in Los Angeles and consider it a HOME game.

Oakland Raiders

It pains me to say, but the Raiders have a good thing going on with their organization. Head coach, Jack Del Rio, has earned raves for his risky play calls and attitude on the field. Derek Carr is a superstar in the making, potentially a future MVP of the league. The Raiders did very well in free agent signings, and still are in the top 5 with cap space.

Marshawn Lynch is returning to the NFL as the Raiders starting running back. Lynch is no doubt one of the most entertaining players on the football field, whether he is running over would-be tacklers, making a mockery of post-game interviews, or driving a cart on the field. He wants to bring a Super Bowl to Oakland before the team moves to Vegas. Rooting for the Raiders, you could get back at Spanos, and be “thankful” as Lynch says, for a contending team with a very talented roster.

Although I would never switch teams to my hated rival, the Raiders do make sense. There are already more Raider fans in Southern California than the Chargers and Rams combined. Also, the Raiders are relocating to Las Vegas. Vegas isn’t too far and it’s pretty cool to root for a professional franchise representing sin city.

Yes, they are the RAIDERS, but they will no longer be the OAKLAND Raiders. New start in Vegas for the franchise, could be a new start for a lost fan.


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