If You are Pissed at LT, You Aren’t the Only One

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(Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)

Let me first start of by saying that LaDainian Tomlinson is one of my favorite all-time San Diego Chargers in the franchises’ history.

He exemplified what it meant to be a Chargers’ player, and he will never be questioned for his endless contributions on the field for my former beloved football team.

However, that team is gone. They left town. Which makes them dead to me.

Their new name, which I refuse to say, let alone write, is their new destiny. The owner of the Chargers made it clear that he does not want fans from the city of San Diego, and I fully intend of keeping up my end of that bargain. If you choose to continue to follow the Chargers, then that is your choice and I respect that. I, however, will not. So respect my decision.

In not following the team, or frankly caring for that matter, I am now lacking the proper avenues for current events pertaining to the team. It came to my attention recently that the Chargers have hired LT as an “ambassador” to the team. My first response was anger. How can he support a franchise and an owner that took the team out of San Diego? Why would he stoop to the level of being a hired goon for the Spanos’ family?

It is no secret that the Chargers are getting killed with bad PR since moving to Los Angeles. The majority of the NFL fans in the L.A. market do not want the team, and the city of San Diego is embarrassed and hurt by the loss of their team. To make matters even worse, planning for the Qualcomm Stadium land development has gone on full-steam (MLS and SDSU projects) since they have departed, proving that the team had no real intention of staying in the city, and the fans were just fed a line by the Spanos family. What is even worse is the NFL stood by and allowed this to happen, just so they could pad their already over-stuffed wallets. While at the same time, they put the blame fully on the Chargers’ organization. The whole situation really stinks and has soured me on the NFL in general.

Now back to LT and the Chargers situation. The team is desperate for any sort of good press, and this recent addition of LT in the front office is yet another sign that this team is as two-faced as they come. Tomlinson was released by the team in late February of 2010, a month before he was due a $2 million dollar bonus. Fans of the team were upset then, and though LT left the team graciously, you could tell he was perturbed by the Chargers’ decision. Returning to an old franchise is nothing new for former players, but usually the move is for public relations more than anything. This is a case of that presently, as the Chargers are desperately trying to save face.

So, are you mad at LT? I am. I know it’s not his fault, but still, seeing him or hearing him talk up the Chargers new hometown is sickening. I have every right to feel that way. I am a native San Diegan. I have lived here my whole life, and this is where I will probably ultimately rest. I have pride in my city and that trumps any sports team or individual player. Do not come at with me about not having Chargers’ pride and such. I refuse to get into that with any fan. Again, we have all made our choices and there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to deciding what to do about your future.

Do I wish LT harm, or will I tweet him, demeaning him for his choice? No. Absolutely not. That would be pointless.

I sincerely wish he would reconsider pledging his alliance to such a despicable man as Dean Spanos, but to each their own.

Am I mad at LT? Yes. Yes I am. Will I look down on him, or disrespect him? Nope. I always take the higher road.

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