A Message to All Chargers Fans (Current or Former)

Credit: Chargers

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Credit: Chargers

I know what you’re saying. “A Charger article on East Village Times. What is this, 2015?”

Yes I know, you haven’t seen hardly any Chargers-related articles since they packed their bags and did LT’s electric slide all the way to Los Angeles.

Many former Chargers fans were faced with a tough question recently. Will I support the Los Angeles Chargers? For most people, the question has already been answered (for most, the same day they moved), but there are a select few who are still challenged with such a question. I, myself, am still pondering this question three months after the move. It is one of the toughest decisions of my young life, and I don’t know if I’ll ever come up with a direct answer.

I am in a tough spot because I am from neither San Diego, nor Los Angeles. I might not have the same connection to the Chargers as some native San Diegans, but believe me when I say, my heart is in America’s Finest City. I felt the pain that Dean gave to so many. I know what San Diego is presently feeling.

I, an undecided Chargers fan, often find myself scrolling through Twitter and finding an L.A. Chargers fan. I see this L.A. Chargers fan says he is a “true fan” since he stayed with the team through the relocation.

Now, this got me thinking.

Are all the fans who decided not to follow the team two hours up the five “fake fans”? Are all those San Diegans who are victim to Dean Spanos’ greed, traitors? The answer is NO. You are not a “fake fan” for no longer following Dean Spanos’ Chargers and you sure as hell aren’t a “true fan” if you did. L.A. Chargers fans are accusing former Chargers fans of disloyalty. That’s hilarious. Was Dean Spanos being loyal to San Diego when he bolted to Los Angeles?

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No! Accusing former Chargers fans of anything is ridiculous! It’s appalling how ignorant some L.A. Chargers fans are.

I’d like to get back to the self-proclaimed “true fans”. The fans that followed the Chargers to Los Angeles. The fans who have been brainwashed by Dean Spanos. I have to say, most of them are peaceful and civil, but a good portion are not. I only know from my Twitter interactions, and a few encounters, but there are L.A. Chargers fans who blame San Diegans for the move, and antagonize San Diegans for leaving the Chargers.

They simply don’t understand why San Diegans choose not to follow the Chargers.

How could you not understand? Chargers fans spent 33 heart-wrenching years under the reign of the Spanos’ family. In that time, there has been so many blunders within the front office, I can’t even begin to name them all. Dean Spanos abandoned Chargers fans, so what is so bad about doing the same to him?

The fan base has endured so much over the 56-year journey in San Diego, but this is by far the worst thing that has ever happened to the Chargers. Dean Spanos never cared about the people of San Diego and the fans of the Chargers. All he cares about is money, and he thinks Los Angeles is where you can make more of it.

Don’t be ashamed or feel bad that you no longer support Deano’s team, because Deano NEVER supported you.

11 thoughts on “A Message to All Chargers Fans (Current or Former)

  1. I bet this year in los angles the chargers will win the superbowl just my luck as a san diego fan for over 40 years

  2. I am a displaced San Diegan who has spent a good portion of my adult life in the Seattle region. I like many have turned away from the Chargers. I been chided a number of times for being disloyal. My question to those giving me a hard time is how do they feel about the Oklahoma City Thunder. That usually shuts them up. The team may still call itself the Chargers but I was raised to hate everything LA.

  3. Did you see what Dean did to Season Ticket prices? That alone was enough for me to say good bye. I have been a faithful Season Ticket holder since 1980 … but no more.

  4. As a San Diegan, winning a Super Bowl NOW is almost none important to me, this coming from a huge Charger fan who will still follow the team. My loyalty is strictly to my friends around the world that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and who I look forward to seeing at road games – San Diego Charger Fan always, Road Warrior

  5. I was born and raised in Chicago….huge Chargers fan…I will still continue to be a fan. A football team is a business and a businessman is always looking to make a profit. This is why auto manufactures move jobs outside the U.S….to make more money. Period. I remember watching a ton of games at the Q and it seemed that the opposing team had more fans there than the Chargers did.

    1. We were loyal . Its just recently it started to get that way. I’ve followed them since balboa stadium and had season tickets for 25 years you people who say this forget the Dan Fouts years or the LT years when that stadium was rocking

    2. Its not the same when you have no real connection with San Diego. Its almost impossible to explain the feelings of native San Diegans and the betrayal. There was a day that you didn’t see anyone from the opposing team in the stands. I am still uncertain if I will support the team in the future. One thing though I will always have my 56 years of memories.

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