Phil Mickelson Insults San Diego Charger Fans

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Although Phil Mickelson is one of the most beloved athletes in San Diego history, he was caught up in some bad press last week at the CareerBuilder Challenge in La Quinta, California.

When asked about the Chargers recent relocation to Los Angeles, Mickelson said he wished “the people in San Diego loved them the way I do and fought a little harder to keep them… What’s disappointing to me is that the city of San Diego didn’t appreciate the value that they had.” Mickelson, of course, is referring to Measure C, the plan to keep the Chargers in San Diego that failed on election day.

The golfer got justifiable backlash from the people of San Diego due to his ignorance on the topic.

I, like many San Diego Charger fans wanted Measure C to pass, but could see why people wouldn’t vote yes on C.

Believe me when I say, the people of San Diego fought long and hard to keep the Chargers in their rightful place of San Diego.

Mickelson once again found himself in the news when he was asked by a reporter at San Diego’s own Torrey Pines Golf Course if he thought people twisted his words about the Chargers relocation. “What do you mean twisted?” said Mickelson, who later added “If somebody took it the wrong way, then I think they need to toughen up.”

Phil Mickelson is now insulting the people of San Diego, who just lost a beloved team after 56 years of accompaniment. After being asked this question, Mickelson had the chance to backtrack his statement and explain himself, but instead chose to dig himself an even deeper hole with the people of San Diego.

Blaming Charger fans for the relocation to Los Angeles is preposterous seeing as though owner Dean Spanos and mayor Kevin Faulconer had enough time to get a proper stadium deal done. Mickelson also stated, “When the vote came in it was disappointing. Because it, if it were me, on the other end, I would feel unwanted. It’s no fun being at a place you’re not wanted.”

There were organizations created with the sole purpose of keeping the Chargers in San Diego, for example, “Save our Bolts”, so Mickelson can not say that Charger fans did not want the Chargers in San Diego. Charger fans did show initiative to try to keep the team in San Diego with a 43% approval of measure C. Most San Diegans who opposed measure C were non-Charger fans who didn’t want to crowd downtown San Diego with another stadium or deal with a hotel tax. So Phil Mickelson has no right to call out, insult, and blame Charger fans for the departure of the Chargers. He should educate himself on the situation before commenting.

2 thoughts on “Phil Mickelson Insults San Diego Charger Fans

  1. Wtf, I call bullfrog (shit). I lived in PB – SAN Diego for 20 years & I WAS a fan until last year. When I first learned of the possible move to LA I said the same as Phil. Why can’t he say what is in his heart & mind ?? If I read your article correctly Phil was asked again while playing in The Torrey Pines tournament!! Do ya think maybe (your bad) on your reporting. I love Phil & will always be a huge fan.
    You’ve got it wall wrong. Maybe a stand up guy live Phil Michelson doesn’t fall into the patterns of other athletes. Mo money?? Maybe he is like most people and wants to stay true to himself. Thank you

  2. How long ago was it that Phil Mickelson was going to move from San Diego because of his tax rate and wasn’t it just last year he got caught in an illegal stock trade? Phil is starting to think he can say anything but beware of the backlash from San Diego residents as well as golf fans! He should notice his name hasn’t been on the top of the leaderboard at a PGA event in a long time! Wait til you start hearing the boos, will he continue to nod his head and smile?

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