Chargers Fans Bickering Over Allegiance to Team is a Sad Thing

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In the past week there has been a common theme on social media.

Chargers fans that are sticking with the team are calling out those that have cut their losses and vice versa, those that have shunned the Chargers are calling out those that have chosen to support the players and the team in 2017 and beyond.

Look, the whole situation is a complete mess. We have one person to blame for the whole thing and he is too obtuse to even realize that he is killing the soul of his once prized franchise. In chasing the almighty dollar and more power, Dean Spanos has burned bridges to the city that housed his team for over 55 years. Not only that, but recent reports are that the NFL is displeased with him as well.

The fan base is stunned. It is truly a surreal time. Most haven’t even really realized it.

The San Diego Chargers are no more, and there is no easing the pain.

Recent discussions of a MLS/SDSU stadium are certainly promising, but hearing how fast this is coming together only infuriates me more about how Dean Spanos lied to us all. He had no intention of staying in San Diego and was prepared to leave last year, but the NFL chose Stan Kroenke and the Rams. He hastily put together the C measure and it never stood a chance, as the majority of San Diegans had already turned their back on the team and their Scrooge-like owner.

Spanos is the enemy here people, not each other. We once rooted for the same team and supported the same players. We are not that different. San Diegans are done with the team though. They have no interest in rooting for a team from Los Angeles (and don’t give me that b/s about them starting in L.A). If you are a current Chargers’ fan and you are stunned that San Diegans don’t want to root for the L.A. Chargers, then you just weren’t paying attention the whole time the team played in the city of San Diego.

San Diego and Los Angeles have a rivalry. I am well aware that fans in the L.A. area couldn’t care less about the lonely San Diego sports fans, but that does not mean the fans here are neutral about L.A. Sports. The fan base hates Los Angeles, and there was no way they would root for their team, even if it is only two hours up the 5-freeway.

If you left the team, stop belittling those that choose to stay. They made a difficult decision, and though I personally do not believe in it, I am not going to fight with them. The game of football is just that. A game. Life, and the difficulties of it, have far more value than a silly game.

When September rolls around and the NFL season starts, there will be more fighting. It’s going to be a sad time.

Be respectful of each other no matter if you currently support the team or not. That is how to truly honor the memory of the San Diego Chargers.

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3 thoughts on “Chargers Fans Bickering Over Allegiance to Team is a Sad Thing

  1. I will always be a San Diego Chargers Fan and that’s it! LA chargers will never come out of my mouth. I will root for the Chargers or the Bolts!!! I don’t care what city they move to. I have my SD Charger gear and I will wear it proudly to ALL the games I attend because I have pride for my team and city. I’ll be forever known as a San Diego Charger fan weather stupid ass LA fans like or not! ⚡️?

  2. Fake fans can go and burn their jerseys if they must. They were probably the same ones that never bothered to show up to the Q in the first place. They are probably thew ones who allowed fans of other teams took over the stadium. For those fans that remain, we understand we are not rooting for an owner. We never did root for an owner. We root for the players and the team. That’s loyalty.

    1. Believe what you want, but the Chargers represented the city of San Diego. When the owner turned his back on the city, the fans responded. I don’t know why you are so bitter? If anything the former fans of the team are the ones who should be pissed. Anyways. To each their own. Respect

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