Chargers 2016 Season “From Staying Alive to Flat-lined at 5-9”

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Credit: AP Photo

My beloved San Diego Chargers have blown fourth quarter leads ad nauseam in 2016.

I still chose to look past all the negative talk, and on-field trends. After beating Houston, winning out was the only likely scenario to make a late playoff run. Miami seemed to have our fate in their hands with an improbable win at the Q. As I often do at home, or in Plaza 30 something…. I shout plays out. The soft-spoken gentleman that I’d like to consider myself becomes a high energy conductor. I have fun with Chargers’ fans and whomever our opponents are for that week.

I make a few enemies, I make many more friends. All mostly playfully, all in the name of football. My point is … those guys upstairs need people who are that way. The universe hears us all. After countless exchanges with Raiders fans after yesterday’s loss, I was surprised at what I was told.

“You know you’re a Raiders fan… Dang man, you’re more like a Raiders fan, or man, you’re down (dedicated), which translates to passionate.” The tickets I have in my section are season tickets. Good or bad, the cast of characters changes from week to week, to my left and right and above and below. Each week there are new fans seated everywhere around me.

John Gruden is well liked because of the passion he emanates on the TV screen even when he is covering a horrible contest. That kind of passion is needed all through sporting venues. I could sit here and bore everyone with the blame game. Not my style, so you’ll have to read someone else’s story for all of that. Journeyman safety Dwight Lowery‘s comment about locals maybe not wanting our team is mainly untrue, but not entirely. We are a bit of a sleepy beach town that sometimes needs a kick in the rear end. Sign me up for whoever is a maverick, a wildcard, a forward thinker.

At 3:52 PM, when a notification went off about re-branding color schemes, etc. I nearly lost my (expletive) mind. More fake news that rules the world and I don’t want to be a part of it. Re-branding would wipe out all of our amazing history, good, bad, or indifferent. Something is legal here in California. Maybe “Jefe” should have some. He is in need of a jolt for our Bolts before they bolt. There is blame to go around folks, but I don’t see anyone talking about a solution.

I’d thank Melvin Gordon for busting his tail, as Mike McCoy says in each presser. Here are a few others as well: Joey Bosa, Melvin Ingram, Tyrell Williams, Dontrelle Inman, Casey Hayward. Philip Rivers, Hunter Henry, Korey Toomer, & Antonio Gates. It’s a mix of usual suspects, as well as new contributors. Tom Telesco, you had a great 2016 draft class with a few players I failed to mention.

To Mike McCoy: I do think it is time for you to leave. I actually really like Jack Del Rio. He, like Bruce Arians, changed the culture tremendously. Those are a couple of teams in the Southwest, like the Chargers, that have turned it around. The Raiders could very well fall on their face after a first or second place schedule in 2017. However it is more likely that they will continue to play well.

Losses to Tampa Bay, Carolina, & Oakland this season by the Bolts were horrible. Those were all winnable games. Mr. McCoy, you have shown a lack of ability to win any close game. Our half-dead front office needs to address this right away. Tom Telesco needs more savvy minds like his at the coaching position. He can’t do it alone.

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