Chargers Editorial: The San Diego Raiders…How does that sound?

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Credit: UT San Diego
Credit: UT San Diego

Just writing those words, the San Diego Raiders is an absolute travesty in itself. The drama filled San Diego Chargers stadium situation has gotten out of control. Dean Spanos and his outright refusal to negotiate with the city of San Diego has left most Chargers fans grasping for any sense of football joy.

The San Diego Raiders is the latest of these potential pipe dreams. If the Chargers do indeed leave to be the Rams side kick in Los Angeles, there are whispers that the Raiders would be very interested in the San Diego market. Could you imagine that? As early as next year, Philip Rivers could lead the visiting Chargers to San Diego against the home team Raiders.

Just writing that down, gives me the shivers. What would fans do? Would they pledge their support to the team they grew up with or would they support the hated division rival which is suddenly the home team? Talk about confusing times for Chargers fans. The city of San Diego would literally be divided. I can see many still root for the Chargers in Los Angeles as I can see many embrace the Silver and Black if they were the new local team. Sadly I can see some just rooting for a whole new team or not caring about the NFL. Is that really what the NFL wants with its fan base in the city?

If the Chargers leave, the hearts of San Diego Sports fans will be crushed. The Clippers left in 1984, but that franchise did not have the heritage and history of the San Diego Chargers. The franchise has been in the city of San Diego for 54 years. Like them or not, the Chargers represent the city and its people. How could the city and its fans be expected to welcome the Raiders?

Truthfully nobody knows what is going to happen. The Raiders coming here is not by any means close to happening, but could you imagine the feeling in and around the city if they did move here? There would be supporters, but sadly Dean Spanos and the Chargers organization has soiled the name of football for some fans in the city

Some fanatics and more importantly voters, are so outraged by the Chargers and their disloyalty to the city that they will never vote for a new stadium. Spanos knows this. All though plans didn’t work out like he imagined, he knows he burned far too many bridges here in the city of San Diego to ever be welcomed back with open arms.

Credit: AP Photo
Credit: AP Photo

He has yet to show any remorse for his actions and still points the finger completely at the city of San Diego. I do agree with him in the fact the city has been negligent far too long in regards to a new stadium. Qualcomm stadium is one of the oldest venues in all of professional sports. Even those that are older Soldier Stadium, Lambeau Field, Wrigley Field, Fenway Park have been dramatically renovated. Qualcomm was expanded once again after the Chargers won the AFC Championship in 1994, but the stadium has stayed the same for the past 20 years.

Being that the stadium is a mess, it is hard for me to imagine the Raiders playing here. They too wouldn’t be happy with the present state of the stadium and would also want a new one.

Nobody knows what is going to happen. This whole situation makes me ill. The uncertainty surrounding this franchise is legit. The fans deserve better than this. For the team to leave is one thing but for the fans to have to ponder if the San Diego Raiders are coming is another. The NFL is running this whole situation like a money-hungry boxing promoter that will sell out to the highest bidder. With concussions and off field issues running rampant in the NFL, you would think the league would want to protect its image. Guess not.

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  1. Football is an emotional game and as a fan I have to say I just experienced a little heartburn/indigestion upon reading this headline. That said, my system did settle down eventually so maybe I just need repetitions (reading your headline). At least we’d have a football team I guess.

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