Chargers News: A Look at the Chargers Last Five Drafts

Credit: UT San Diego
Credit: UT San Diego

2011 and 2012 – (GM) A.J. Smith

I’ll lump these two years together since it was still A.J. Smith’s team back then. Out of the 15 players selected in those two years, only 2 draft picks remain on the team: Corey Liuget and Melvin Ingram (1st rounders both years).

Only two?!?!?!? No wonder you got booted A.J., 2011-12 wasn’t that long ago. While some of the players drafted in 2012 just recently parted ways, I wasn’t crying when left. Quite the opposite actually: I threw an 80s party when we got rid of Reyes and Troutman, and you know those are only held for heavy celebrations.

It is just shocking to me that the Chargers don’t even have a 2nd or 3rd round pick still on the roster, let alone picks after the 4th round. If you ever wondered how the current roster has become such a travesty, this was a great start. Take a peek at this:

Year Round Player
2011 2 Marcus Gilchrist
2011 2 Jonas Mouton
2011 3 Vincent Brown
2011 3 Shareece Wright
2012 2 Kendall Reyes
2012 3 Brandon Taylor

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph that is depressing. Half of these guys drive trucks for UPS now. You might have just walked by one of them in the street and not noticed. AJ Smith stepped up to the plate, and watched a fastball strike 3 like his name was Chase Headley.


2013 – Telesco Year One


Round 1 2 3 5 6 7
Player DJ Fluker Manti Te’o Keenan Allen Steve Williams Tourek Williams Brad Sorenson


Telesco easily had his best draft in year one. Recently released QB Brad Sorenson is the only player not on the team, and 3 key starters (Fluker, Teo, Allen) were found with the first three picks that year. Fluker has had his ups and downs, and the same can be said for Te’o. But both these guys are starters and will continue to be as long as they are on the roster. Sometimes you just gotta’ throw the bat on the ball and punch it over the infield and get on base.

Keenan Allen has been Telesco’s best draft pick through the years, and he may be the best draft pick of his life, including the future. He was the 8th WR taken that year, and is arguably the best of the class (DeAndre Hopkins taken round one by the Texans). We should be thrilled if he could ever find a player of that caliber again in the 3rd round or later. Hell, I’ll take another KA at any point in the draft. Dude is a stud.

Steve Williams has been a serviceable backup in the secondary, and Tourek Williams added to the OLB depth in his first two years before missing last season due to a broken foot. If either of these guys can make big leaps, this might be one of the better drafts in recent memory. Not bad at all for Tommy in year one.


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