Chargers News: The Impact of the Titans-Rams Trade for Bolts

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Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

Exactly two weeks before the NFL draft things just got crazy! The L.A. Rams and Jeff Fisher have done it again, just like they did in 2012 with the RGIII trade, they have made a splash that will have a deep impact not only on their franchise but on every team picking in the top 10 of this years NFL draft.

First let’s take a look of who the Rams might take with the first pick.

It is no secret that this is a QB driven league and that in order to be a succesful franchise you need an elite talent at the quarterback position. With that in mind, there’s only two QB’S that have the talent to be taken with the first overall pick, those players are Cal’s Jared Goff and NDSU´S Carson Wentz.

In my opinion Goff is the superior prospect, because he’s much more accurate and he played against tougher competition in the Pac-12, but he is not a perfect prospect by any means, when you look at the tape you can see that sometimes he gets lazy with his fundamentals, and he may lack the work ethic required to become truly great at the NFL level. On the other hand Carson Wentz is a bit wild-card, he has all the physical tools you look for but he’s making a huge jump in competition. So who will the Rams take? If I had to gamble I’d put my money on Jared Goff, but with Jeff Fisher you just never know.

How does this impact the rest of the top 10? The always unpredictable Cleveland Browns have (for now) the 2nd pick and no one really knows who will they pick.

The biggest winners in this transaction is a team that wasn’t involved in it and that team is The San Diego Chargers. This is really a dream scenario for Tom Telesco, they now have the chance of getting the best OT in this draft, Laremy Tunsil from Ole Miss.

A top-notch OT is a QB’S best friend on the field, just look at the OT taken high in the draft, some of them like Orlando Pace, Jonathan Ogden and Joe Thomas have produced at a Hall of Fame level, so there’s a decent chance that Tunsil could one day be that type of player.

After that the eccentric Dallas Cowboys might take Ezekiel Elliot from Ohio State or the do it all LB Myles Jack from UCLA.

So what will happen in the NFL Draft? nobody knows, but there’s no question that the Titans-Rams trade will have huge implications going forward.

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