Wrexham Manager Phil Parkinson on San Diego, Snapdragon Stadium, Ryan Reynolds

Credit: Francisco Velasco/EVT Sports

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Phil Parkinson
Credit: Francisco Velasco/EVT Sports

Wrexham defeated Manchester United 3-1 in what was a very exciting and historic night for San Diego soccer, as Snapdragon Stadium broke its attendance record with 34,248 spectators present. After the match, Wrexham Head Coach Phil Parkinson talked to the press and spoke on a variety of topics, from Ryan Reynolds to San Diego.

Parkinson told EVT his thoughts on Snapdragon Stadium. “It’s an amazing stadium. I didn’t even come to look at it before today, so just wanted to get that wow factor when we came out, and its certainly got that. It’s a very well-designed stadium, it’s very atmospheric, and they’re going to have some great occasions here over the years, I’m sure”, Parkinson said.

The English manager also shared some thoughts on the city of San Diego. Parkinson said, “I love it. Everyone they’re just blown away. Been down the beach, we’ve been around the town, and it’s an incredible city.”

Wrexham has some superstar owners in, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, who bought the club in November 2020. The process of buying the team and their heavy involvement in the club is showcased in FX’s docuseries “Welcome to Wrexham.” McElhenney was present at Snapdragon Stadium on Tuesday night, but Reynolds was unable to attend the event.

Reynolds sent out a message after the game on social media, “Massive thanks to Manchester United for the incredible opportunity to play against a legendary Premier League side.”

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Phil Parkinson did share his thoughts on Reynolds and McElhenney’s involvement with Wrexham. “They’re brilliant; they’re very supportive. They give us so much backing. They’re nice and calm, always looking to help everybody. They’ve created a fantastic environment for us all to flourish in our jobs.”

Since the superstar owners have taken control, Wrexham has enjoyed plenty of success, achieving promotion from the fifth tier of English football to the fourth tier in two seasons. This is much easier said than done, given the extremely tough format to advance from the fifth tier.

Wrexham’s big night in San Diego was much more than just the result, as the team’s charisma even clearly made some Manchester United fans turn on their own team. Of course, the night was not perfect, given Paul Mullin’s lung puncture early on in the match, but the British striker was discharged from UCSD on Wednesday afternoon, as his recovery now starts.

Snapdragon Stadium will now host another high-profile European team, as Borussia Dortmund play the San Diego Loyal this Thursday, July 27.

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