Chargers News: Will the Chargers Trade Down?

Credit: UT San Diego
Credit: UT San Diego

So… We are just eight days away from The NFL draft and everything seems to be a possibility. With that in mind let´s take a look at what trades the Chargers could make if they decide a player doesn’t have the grade to justify the third overall selection.

Let us begin with the assumption that the L.A. Rams will take either Jared Goff or Carson Wentz. Then let’s say that the always unpredictable Cleveland Browns take Ole Miss´Laremy Tunsil. If this scenario unfolds the question then will be: Would the Chargers consider any offer for the third pick?

Under this scenario, either Goff or Wentz would still be on the board and that might be the chance that Telesco needs to sell the third pick very high. It’s no secret that every team needs a top-notch talent at QB, and many teams currently have a need at that position.

So let’s say that the 49ers at seven or the Eagles at pick eight love one of the QB´s and want to make a deal with the Chargers. What would it take for the Chargers to trade back? If the Chargers want to draft OT Ronnie Stanley or one of the defensive players available, it would be better for them to trade back a few spots. If they can get teams to make the third pick into a bidding war that would be a dream scenario for Telesco and the rest of the front office.

What could they get from the 49ers? It´s safe to say that chip Kelly likes to make trades. So Telesco would be Smart to at least talk to San Francisco, and if he can get a deal done then the deal would have to include the 49ers seventh overall pick and either this years third round pick or next years second round pick. And with the seventh pick the Chargers could take Stanley or OSU´s Joey Bosa if he is available.

The potential deal with the Eagles would look somewhat the same, and at eighth San Diego could take one of the players above mentioned or they could even select the All-World LB Myles Jack from UCLA. Jack is a really special talent and even though he had a really  serious knee injury, there’s no indication that he won’t be ready for this summers training camp.

So there you have it, nobody really knows what will happen next Thursday, but if the Chargers decide to make a deal, the scenarios I mentioned above might be a real possibility.

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