“Weekend Rewind” & Week 4 Chargers Preview of Preseason Finale

The San Diego Chargers defensive line squares off during an NFL football game against the San Francisco 49ers offensive line on Thursday, Aug. 30, 2012, in San Francisco. The 49ers won the game, 35-3. (AP Photo/Greg Trott)

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Before San Diego’s eventual 23-10 loss to Minnesota concluded, it was learned that Branden Oliver was lost for the season. On a run play in the second half, Oliver suffered an achilles injury. It was an non-contact injury. An injury that was very painful to witness on television. Again hopes & prayers to you Branden. You’ve worked your butt off since dawning the number 43. Really, Godspeed BO!

The next morning a full 180 for the squad as great news quickly hit all our media outlets and devices. Why you ask?! Joey friggin’ Bosa was finally signed early Monday morning by the Chargers. A compromise, (different agent, same tree) an apology and a four-year rookie contract. I won’t discuss the particulars here. We’ve heard enough about contract talk. Oh and don’t be surprised by naysayers that say “he will be a bust”. Charger fans will forgive, as we “all” hope for amazing returns from him on the field. As much as we all would like to see Bosa, Week 4 it is not a reality. Week 4 wraps up three days after the Bosa signing, and that would be unrealistic. Joey Bosa attended his first practice Tuesday, August 30. No hard feelings to the chagrin of the aforementioned naysayers. It really hasn’t sunk in yet that the kid has signed…but I am ecstatic!

Colin Kaepernick & the San Francisco 49ers conclude the preseason versus the Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium Thursday at 7pm. Colin Kaepernick is fully immersed in a national issue and arrives in our very military town of San Diego this Thursday night. A topic that people are openly discussing nationwide now sets foot in San Diego. Sports are normally an escape from the realities of life. It could be why Kaepernick chose to take a stand during a sporting event. Whether one agrees or disagrees it’s out there. We live in a classy city San Diego, so let’s stay classy.

Chargers-Players to Watch & Releases:

Chargers Dexter McCoil, The 6’4 safety should see plenty of action. Safety Adrian Phillips should as well. There was a surprise release as wideout James Jones was let go. Apparently he was having trouble with the playbook. Chargers backup quarterback Zach Mettenberger was also released. These past few days have been very busy for the Chargers.

Running back Kenneth Ferrow, Dreamius Smith and newly acquired Gus Johnson are names at running back vying for potential third string action. Keep an eye on them. Cornerbacks Craig Mager and Steve Williams should see lots of reps as well in this game as the coaching staff evaluates them.

Chargers third string quarterback, Mike Bercovici could be in for a complete game or close to it Week 4. Wide Receivers Isaiah Burse and Dom Williams should see substantial playing time as well. Williams is an undrafted wide receiver out of Washington State. Isaiah Burse is a third-year wide receiver originally signed by Denver in 2014.  He has been given decent opportunities to showcase his skills this month. 5’9 DeAndre Reeves out of Marshall also unsigned, seems like a long shot at best. I don’t know if a final roster spot is available with whom the Chargers have presently. Maybe it’s Burse, or perhaps a veteran via waivers or a trade. Stay tuned.

Notable 49ers on Offense:

49ers quarterbacks Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick may not play at all. One could imagine that Colin Kaepernick should expect an interesting evening. Sixth-year wide receiver Torrey Smith and fourth-year Quinton Patton and longtime Jet Jeremy Kerley are the known wide outs for the 49ers. Fourth-year tight end Vance McDonald and third-year running back Carlos Hyde round out most of this teams talented weapons. We won’t see these gentleman most likely though as the team rests its stars for its first regular game. This week is more about finding out who’s in or out on the roster. Potentially finding one or two gems even from the opposition. The Chargers need to stay healthy, find a potential third running back and hopefully keep McCoil. He’s another one of those Chargers unsigned playmakers.

Notable 49ers on Defense:

Arik Armstead-DT The second year player is a staple and should be good player in this league.

DeForest Buckner-DT The seventh overall pick of the 2016 draft paired with Armstead are cornerstone players for San Francisco.

Veteran LB’s Navarro Bowman & Ahmad Brooks  are part of what still could be a formidable duo in the Bay Area.

Nine-year Defensive tackle and former Chief Glenn Dorsey is a good fit with the 49ers.

Safeties Antoine Bethea & Eric Reid are a nice tandem, one of the leagues better duos. They have payed 11 & four years respectively. However like San Diego’s play makers on defense, I wouldn’t expect many snaps from these players Friday night.

I hope both teams leave the field in basically the same physical condition as they started.

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