Was Andy Green firing justified?

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The San Diego Padres fired Andy Green, but was his dismissal the correct decision? 

There is no doubt that the 2019 season was disappointing for the San Diego Padres.

Not that the team expected a World Series Championship, but management did predict more fight from the Friars. The first half of the current season showed that the Padres do indeed have a bright future. However, since the All-Star break, the Padres have entirely fallen on their face.

Going through the motions is a way to describe the current play of the team as the season winds down. They look lackadaisical on the field and have the feeling of a team that has thoroughly checked out as a unit. It has not been enjoyable to watch them play the game of baseball. The fans are upset.

For that reason, the 19th manger in the history of the organization, Andy Green, was fired on Saturday morning.

A.J. Preller reports that he had been weighing this decision for months and felt it was time to make a move. Recent media scrums showed a dejected Green after the games. He would not speak about his frustration, but you could see that he was not pleased. In the end, Green’s stoic demeanor may have been what sealed his fate. Perhaps if he let loose and showed some emotion to this young team, the results may have been more favorable in terms of their play on the field.

On October 29, 2015, the Padres welcomed Green to the family. He was brought in to help cultivate and develop a team that was rebuilding, even though management refused to use that word. The first-year manager spoke of Championships and a Padres-way that needed to be established early in his tenure. All seemed to buy into his philosophy as it was refreshing to hear. The Padres, as a franchise, needed to have a better attitude and the Kentucky native understood that fact. Green brought that philosophy, but as time went on- his approach and “talk’ may have worn thin with all.

Speaking like Bill Belichick and bringing that type of swagger is excellent for an organization. But on a franchise that has not accomplished anything, it started to bother people. Within the media and the players themselves, they questioned if Green was the correct man for the job. Over the last few months, there were multiple reports from different sources about this situation. It just would not go away.

As Andy Green leaves the team, he departs with a 274-366 overall record. Not exactly a success, but you do have to factor the horrible team he inherited in his first two seasons. You could even argue that he was never given the keys to a team that was set up to win. In the end, his lack of emotion may have sealed his fate as the Padres manager of the future. One would expect the new manager to have more “personality” when it comes to portraying yourself to the world, especially in this new era of social media.

With two years left on his current contract, Andy Green was let go by the San Diego Padres. It was probably the correct move. If there were any doubts in his abilities, then the team needed to change gears to get to that promised land. The new manager and what he brings to the team will be a crucial factor in getting there.

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2 years ago

I think Andy Green needed some more experience at the game before taking on an obviously challenging situation. I looked in particular at his managerial decisions on the July 13 game this year against the Braves. He used up all of his position players by the 10th inning and then had to have reliever Luis Perdomo hit with the bases loaded against the Braves closer in the bottom of the 10th.

A experienced manager would have at least one position player left for a critical situation.

2 years ago

Mr. Green HAD to go! The team has clearly quit. Some of this is due to AJ’s failure to trade for major league help at the trading deadline; Tatis Jr. injury; and the failure of the team to play fundamental baseball (hitting the cutoff man, sacrifice bunts or flys, catching the BALL, backing each other up in the outfield, etc). The timing allows mgmt to talk with each player before they pack up and leave for the winter break. Long, thoughtful conversations with core players needs to take place. Trades are going to happen, hopefully, in the off season. We… Read more »

Laura Hannasch
Laura Hannasch
2 years ago

They should have let Andy Green finished the season up

2 years ago

They better actually win in 2020

2 years ago

A big NO on the following…
Bochy, Ron Washington, Scioscia and Madden!!!
On the other hand Moises Alou might be interesting.
AJ is fine. It is unknown at this time how much the owners have pressured him to add certain players. Like was done in his first season. Let him finish what he started. The future looks bright!

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