Padres relieve Andy Green of his duties

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The Andy Green era is over for the San Diego Padres.

After four years of manning the helm and a 274-366 record, AJ Preller and company have decided that they had seen enough from Green and handed him his pink slip. Recent events may have spurned this decision, as the Padres have gone 1-6 on their last road trip and the team appeared to be more and more nonchalant on the field.

Green was hired from the Arizona Diamondbacks after the 2015 season to replace Pat Murphy, who was the interim manager after longtime manager Buddy Black was fired midseason.

It was his first managerial position, as the former utility infielder spent his coaching career in the minors before spending 2015 as a third base coach for the Diamondbacks. Before getting released, Green was given an extension throughout 2021, so the Padres will eat an undisclosed amount of money.

Green came into this season with the expectations of handling the transition from “rebuilders” to “contenders”. The signings of Eric Hosmer and Manny Machado, along with the promotions of Chris Paddack and Fernando Tatis Jr. from the minors, signaled the beginning of the end of a long rebuild. These expectations were thrust onto Green, who was being evaluated all season under an intense microscope.

Rumors had been swirling since the second half began of a possible firing, with Dennis Lin even calling his seat “unmistakably hot” in his latest Q&A session. Last night’s abysmal 9-0 loss to Arizona, where it looked as though the team flipped the “cruise control” switch, was the straw that broke the camel’s back in terms of Green’s job.

Now, the Padres will be on the hunt for their next manager. Rod Barajas will serve as interim manager for the rest of the season. For him, it could be an audition for a permanent managerial job. If not Barajas, then possible candidates could include former Padre Phil Nevin, who is currently with the New York Yankees, Joe Girardi or even, if he is let go from his current job, Joe Maddon of the Chicago Cubs.

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8 thoughts on “Padres relieve Andy Green of his duties

  1. A big NO on the following…
    Bochy, Ron Washington, Scioscia and Madden!!!
    On the other hand Moises Alou might be interesting.
    AJ is fine. It is unknown at this time how much the owners have pressured him to add certain players. Like was done in his first season. Let him finish what he started. The future looks bright!

  2. Add AG to the list of people that AJ fired, yet is paying lots of money to over the next few years. This list does not (yet) include people who should be on it, including himself (e.g. Hosmer; Myers).

    Plenty of people have been discussing AG’s needed departure, when will more people start focusing on the biggest cause of this debacle? [Hint: He is referred to as the Rock Star Genius]

  3. Joe Maddon has completely ruined the cubs! They won the World Series in spite of his poor managerial moves in that series. That would be a huge mistake. He’s lost the clubhouse out there so how would he be good for a new one? Also you want him to demand they get Lester and Zobrist like he did Chicago? Lmao

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