Tijuana Xolos: Diego Cocca Arrival Could Mean Longer Stay & More Success For Gustavo Bou

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CRedit: MEXSPORT/Emiliano.

Diego Cocca was officially presented to the media as the new Xolos’ boss this Friday.

A new era has started in the border city after a failed rebuilding process under Eduardo Coudet. It is now time for a completely new process with Diego Martin Cocca. There are some positives and negatives to this move that have been discussed, and are being discussed, but a huge plus is that Gustavo Bou has been reunited with his former manager.

The 45-year-old manager was in charge of the 27-year-old striker at Racing Club de Avellaneda.

Cocca managed La Academia from 2014-2015, then again in 2017 while Bou played with Racing Club from 2014-2017.

The two were champions of the highly competitive Argentine league in 2014 and “La Pantera” had a tremendous season, scoring 10 goals. Diego Cocca has said in the past that he and Bou have a special bond and that he has full confidence in him to get the job done. Earlier this year, Cocca said, “He knows what he means to me and I know what I mean to him. Anytime I can leave him on the field I will do it unless he asks me to be subbed out.” These were Cocca’s words to Argentine newspaper La Nacion and it is clear that there is a lot of confidence between the two. “La Pantera” seems to be very comfortable with this confidence, and the numbers show it, with 34 goals in 67 games with Cocca on the sidelines.

Gustavo Bou was undoubtedly the best player for Club Tijuana in the Apertura 2017 with seven goals and three assists in 17 games.

The Argentine striker was directly involved in 10 of Club Tijuana’s 17 goals in the tournament and will look to keep on improving in 2018. This success has already caused some of the “bigger” teams in the Liga MX to take note and rumors have already circulated on a possible exit for the 27-year-old. Club America seems to be the team that is heavily interested and it is not surprising as Las Aguilas have a long history of buying players from the Aztec Canines. However, these rumors may have completely died down now with Diego Cocca as the new Xolos’ manager.

It is hard to imagine that Gustavo Bou would want to leave the border city after just a tournament, and especially now with his trusted manager. Cocca has a contract with Club Tijuana until 2019 and this could mean a much longer stay for Gustavo Bou at Club Tijuana than anticipated with the rumors circulating.

Rumors are also circulating about the interest of Gustavo’s brother, Walter Bou, by the Tijuana Xolos, and this move would also be another factor for “La Pantera” to stay with the club. There was speculation surrounding the appointment of Diego Cocca, but it could prove to be the best option for Los Xoloitzcuintles.

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