There needs to be progression with the 2019 Padres

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The 2019 season has not gone as planned for the San Diego Padres, but there is still time to show progression for this young unit.

The fans, the national media. Everyone. We have all heard the hype surrounding the San Diego Padres.

With one of the most profound farm systems in recent baseball memory, the Padres are poised to become a very relevant team in major league baseball.

The construction of a successful professional baseball team is not an exact science, though. It takes some luck, and it takes a lot of players pulling on that same proverbial rope. The whole 40-man roster must play together, and they must play as a cohesive group with the same focus and goal.

In 2019, there were naturally high expectations for the Padres, as several of their talented young prospects made it to the major league level. Chris Paddack, Fernando Tatis Jr., Andres Munoz, Michel Baez, Adrian Morejon Logan Allen, Pedro Avila, and Cal Quantrill all debuted this season for the Padres. With youth, there comes a lot of hope and uncertainty. The Padres have seen positives from all these men, but there have also been growing pains.

Manager Andy Green is under the most amount of pressure he has ever been under as the manager of this group. He has admittedly made mistakes with the bullpen and his young staff this season. At one time, the Padres were hovering around the .500 mark, and there was the talk of competing for an NL Wild Card. After a dismal start to the second half, this team is just hoping to end the season with a winning record.

There is time to get back into the playoff picture for the Padres, but innings limitations with some of their key pitchers will handicap the team. There is no way around that. Chris Paddack will be shut down soon. Garrett Richards has a sore shoulder and is coming back from Tommy John surgery. Pushing Dinelson Lamet too far would not be smart. The team must be cautious with their pitching.

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Currently eight games under .500 and attempting to stay out of last place, the Padres need to do better. There is no way around that. Changes may need to be made to secure the goal of a franchise championship ultimately. Now is undoubtedly the time for evaluation.

The type of baseball the Padres have shown the fans in 2019 is very exciting. Fernando Tatis Jr. is a human highlight reel. He is worth the price of admission by himself. The team will need to build around his talent. In recent years, the Friars have made a significant commitment to winning. Between paying international talent and free agents, the Padres are certainly committed to winning.

If the season ended today, the Padres would secure the ninth overall pick. That is not what the organization envisioned when the team started play in Peoria this February. They built this team to progress year after year and show what it takes to get to the next level. At this point, the Padres are taking two steps forward and two steps back each month, and that is not good. Treading water and finishing in the middle of the pack will only cripple this franchise.

They need to make the playoffs. Eventually. The ship for 2019 may have sailed, but if the Padres are not careful, they could cripple the franchise beyond this year. Progression must be had from this young team in these final 48 games. Jobs are on the line. Futures are at risk. The Padres must play better and gain momentum heading into the winter.

3 thoughts on “There needs to be progression with the 2019 Padres

  1. One question? Why isn’t Mejia in the starting lineup tonight? Has Paddack told Andy he prefers to pitch only to Hedges? Mejia gives the Padres a much better chance of coming away with the win.

  2. Im sure I will get dismissed by the impatient and the fans that keep lumping all the futility under one umbrella as being happy with this version, of drinking the Koolaid, or being AJ and Andys apologist. With that said there has absolutely been progress in 2019 towards a competitive Padres team in the near future. One that can have a sustainable chance year in and year out. Sure the win/ lose records isnt where it needs to be but I will say two things. No one claimed this to be a post season team in 2019. Two, there are still games to be played and the realistic expectation of 78 to 81 wins is still possible. At a minimum 78 wins would still be a 12 game improvement over 2018.

    Things that have gone well include the left side of the infield has proven to be filled for the next 4 years at a minimum. Hos has rebounded and shown he can be better than 2018. Hunter Renfroe has fixed his defensive whoas and should be considered a gold glove caliber OF for the future. Manuel Margot has jumped back into contention for locking down a starting OF spot. Chris Paddack has been knocked down and is finding his way back to being a rotation mainstay. Lauer and Lucchesi used to be the TOR starters and now one or both could find themselves on the outside looking in.

    Things that havent gone well include Franchy losing another season for the same injury. Wil Myers relegated to a poor bench bat and zero contribution as well. The same catching dilemma as 2018. Luis Urias struggling to fill the 2B spot he was expected to fill, the bullpen whoas and still they are better than they were last season. At least 12 games that should be wins slipped away late that a postseason team wins. Since the ASB, they have a .330 winning percentage and yet they are still in reach of the 78 to 81 win total. If Andy has to be the fall guy here, so beit. Yes I want them to win more, but 2019 as a whole need to be looked at through the prism of where this team was 3 short yrs ago before I claim they have gone backwards in 2019.

    1. AAS,
      always enjoy your detailed and enthusiastic comments. A couple of points.
      1) After signing Machado, the expectations almost certainly increased. This marginal improvement feels like a letdown. That team 3 years ago didn’t have Machado, didn’t have Paddack, didn’t have Tatis. This team should have been better.
      2) For them to reach .500, they would have to go 27-20 the rest of the way. Seems pretty unlikely, since as you point out they have cratered since the all star break. An 11-5 start was wasted. A .500 first half, wasted.
      3) Hosmer is on pace for 0.4 WAR, that’s not much of a rebound. He sucks and the team will have to figure out a way to gently slide him out of being an everyday player.
      4) Yes Myers is having a career-worst year, yet has the exact same 0.3 WAR as Hosmer in 126 fewer at bats. He isn’t the main culprit here.
      5) Yes Green needs to go. He has been horrible. He has no idea how to handle a staff. And allows Hosmer to lead the team in plate appearances. There’s no way to make that sound like an achievement. Any other manager gifted with Machado and 2 ROY candidates would have damn well managed with more of a sense of urgency.

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