The Rumor Mill Activity and What it Means for the Direction of the San Diego Padres

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If you have been following the Padres’ off-season closely, you know they have been rumored to be in the mix to sign Eric Hosmer to a long-term deal. Even more surprising, they have reached out to the Marlins to inquire about Christian Yelich. These are two players who are highly desired by several teams across the league.

If the Padres were able to make each of these moves, it would signify a change in direction for the organization. Most experts would agree that 2018 is bound to be another rebuilding year. However, if these two moves are made, Preller and the rest of the front office may be aiming to make a run at an NL Wild Card spot sooner than expected.

While an NL Wild Card spot is likely out of reach, even with the addition of Hosmer and Yelich, it is still worth spending time assessing these moves and how they affect the Padres moving forward.

Potentially signing Eric Hosmer to a long-term deal has garnered the largest amount of controversy. There are plenty of folks out there who are sipping the “Hosmer Kool-Aid”. There are an equal amount of people who argue he is asking for too much and is not worth the $150 million plus he may require. There have been recent reports of a possible six-year/$120 million offer, but these reports cannot be confirmed.

Signing Hosmer would certainly provide a decent left-handed bat in the lineup, however it would also force Myers to move to left field. That would make it the third position change for Myers in his short tenure as a Friar, who was once considered to be the face of the franchise. This may send the wrong message to future free agents who wish to sign with the Padres. However, this effect should not be overblown. The organization utilizing Myers’ versatility should not be viewed in an unfavorable light.

It is easy to understand why the Padres would be so keen on signing a player like Hosmer. He is charismatic and fresh off a World Baseball Classic championship in which he provided a major spark to the team. His age does concern me a little. While he is only 28, if the rebuild process in San Diego is delayed for any reason (injuries), his contract will likely be wasted on years where the Padres do not compete. Padres fans must not forget the four-year deal the Padres struck with James Shields for $75 million. Many thought he would bring stability to the top of the rotation while also providing leadership. We all know how that turned out.

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Christian Yelich, on the other hand, is a much more intriguing option. His contract is extremely team friendly ($44.5 million guaranteed through 2021), and his resume boasts a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger award already at age 26. Unfortunately, the Padres are going to have to offer a large haul in order to acquire Yelich.

Many have speculated a number of players that would entice the Marlins enough to deal Yelich. Names like Hunter Renfroe, Anderson Espinoza, Luis Urias, and Jorge Ona have surfaced. Others believe even more coveted Padres prospects will be required to make this deal happen. Regardless, the Padres’ farm system will take a significant hit if this deal were to take place. However, many fans are much more on board with Yelich than they are with Hosmer.

The mere fact that the Padres are showing interest in these two highly coveted players indicates Preller’s eagerness to put a winning product on the field. Buyers beware should be in the back of his mind, however. We are only two years removed from 2015 in which the organization took a step away from the rebuilding process to acquire big names like James Shields, Matt Kemp, Craig Kimbrel, and Justin Upton. One prospect dealt during that time was Trea Turner. Padres fans would love to have him back in San Diego.

It should be noted that acquiring Hosmer and Yelich would make much more sense for the future of the franchise than the moves made back in 2015. These moves seem to be more calculated and team friendly when contracts and money are taken into consideration. Whether they happen or not is up to Preller and his staff. Regardless of how the next few years transpire, it is refreshing to hear the Padres in the rumor mill on a consistent basis. It is evident Preller wants to win as soon as possible.

14 thoughts on “The Rumor Mill Activity and What it Means for the Direction of the San Diego Padres

  1. Pay no attention to this Jack Clark guy,. He is a troll on the MLB padres site trolling us fans about how the padres are moving away. He also goes by monkey8myshoes. Very delusional.

  2. Portland is the next location for the padres. SD’s dais add a major league town are numbered. Portland, Sacramento ate on file to replace SD and many are wanting to have another team to compliment the kings and trailblazers. SD should do what it does best, be a touristy military town with aspirations of forever being a farm system to the 29 other teams. Anyone else who thinks otherwise is an infidel.

    1. I don’t know where this is coming from, but the Padres are signed to play in San Diego at Petco park until 2034.

        1. There’s not an ounce of evidence to suggest the Padres are moving. I have no clue what rabbit hole you’re in.

        2. Evidence of what? They signed a 30 year lease in 2004, and continue to draw respectable crowds despite being a horrible team. They are not leaving anytime soon. You are barking up the wrong tree.

          1. The fact is this. Portland and Sacramento ate better off having anMLB team because they have better management than you’re inept city. The fact is this. I would rather see your so called ballpark transported next to either the golden one center or the moda center. The fans in Portland and Sacramento will have a new team to root for rather than your loserville Mexicfornia city that is nothing more but a hotbed for minor league and tourists destination. Paul Allen and Videk ranadive can buy the pads from corrupt Ron fowler and move them. Major league sports in SD are numbered. Portland and Sacramento>Salty sad Diego.

  3. Why won’t my post get posted? Yes I have a new email address. I moved from San Diego to Yuma. And yes the Padres were giving my new address, email, phone number. And yes I still have my Season Ticket. And no I don’t have a Website.
    This same thing has happened for two years and now its going to be another year. That I’m not able to post anything. And yes my Name is Debi Seiveno

  4. We shall see. It’s the same year after year. And we hear, this will be another rebuilding year. Well this is what’s going to happen, year after year. Just as soon as the newest player gets a better offer, or the Padres just want that player for a bargaining chip. If you think Wil Meyer won’t leave just as soon as He’s able. The front office are fools. And who could blame him. Since Mr. A.J. Peeler has decided some other player will be better at first base, than Meyer. Wil Meyer, Travis Jan…. are young players and they don’t deserve being treated just like all the other Padre Players were. If the Padre’ s front office really think those of us who are season ticket holders. Willing to pay good money year after year for their seats. And year after year we find out that the Padres are nothing more than a darn training team. This will be my last season I will buy season tickets. The cost of my seat let alone a three hour drive, each way. Just won’t be worth it as we have nothing more than a rebuilding team. I REALLY FEEL SORRY FOR THE PLAYERS. WHO REALLY WANT TO MAKE IT TO THE PLAYOFFS. But even before the season starts. Mr A.J. Peeler says, ” The Padres have no hope to even make the National Leagues Wildcard. Even if they do get those two players. ” In other words, Mr. A.J. Peeler, Thank you for taking the money from loyal fans and taking the Padres Player for granted.

    1. Are you done yet? Making up quotes from both Preller in the team, not knowing that Myers himself said he’d be happy to move for Hos, and claiming we’re giving Jank a bad shake…. he LOST his job due to injuries and lack of production. I’m sorry though, logic obviously has no bearing in your pessimistic argument.

  5. Sign Hosmer, then offer Renfroe, Nix, Naylor and Asuaje for Yelich and Chen (take on his bloated contract). Miami would save a ton of money and get two ML ready players and get out of a bad contract. Perhaps get Miami to send like $8-10 million

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