Padres EVT Podcast: Episode 78 with Dennis Lin

Credit: EVT Sports

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Credit: EVT Sports

The San Diego Padres are in an eventful off-season presently.

Rumors have been swirling, since November, that the Padres are infatuated with Eric Hosmer from the Kansas City Royals. The first baseman is a free agent and may sign with any team this winter. The Friars are in pursuit and there has been a lot of talk around San Diego in this regard.

There is no way you will get any information from the team, so we thought we would bring in Dennis Lin of the UT for his insight.

Dennis is the beat reporter for the Padres and is well-versed in all things Padres. He has a great amount of information pertaining to the Padres’ flirtatious ways with Hosmer. We get the latest from Dennis, as he gives us his feelings on the whole situation.

We then transition into Adrian Gonzalez and Chase Headley. Two names from the past. He squashes any A-Gon to the Padres rumors and also gives us some thoughts on the Chase Headley situation. Bryan Mitchell was obviously the key to the whole deal.

We speak briefly about Freddy Galvis, as Dennis gives us some feelings on what the Padres were potentially thinking in acquiring the shortstop. He tells us that Preller and company were tired of fielding shortstop questions and wanted a reliable defender with all the young pitching coming up in 2018. Sounds logical.

The second base job is up for grabs. So is the third base job. Dennis gives us his thoughts on each position moving forward.

Finally we speak briefly about Christian Yelich. Dennis tells us that Preller has indeed contacted the Marlins, but there is little information available. The Marlins have yet to officially “shop” Yelich, but we discuss possible scenarios and if the Padres could make a run at the outfielder. This talk led into some brief Brad Hand talk as the reliever has yet to be officially linked to any potential trade partners.

Happy Holidays from the EVT staff. Thank you for the listen. Enjoy the podcast and we wish to thank Dennis for his time.

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