Padres Players Giving Thanks to Their Mom on Mother’s Day

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On this Mother’s Day, some San Diego Padres players would like to give thanks to the woman that brought them into this world.

A mother’s love is unconditional. Without a mom, most people would not know the real concept of love.

For professional baseball players, it is the same. Despite the fact they are idols to some, they still have the same humble feelings about their moms that we all have. Even the toughest of players turns into a young child when they think of their mother and what they have done for their careers. It is a special time of year for these men.

In catching up with several Padres players about their moms, there was one common thought conveyed. They all love their mom very much and are eternally grateful for how she has helped shape them. No major leaguer would accomplish their goals without the support of their mom. They all have different memories, but the love is all the same.

Padres’ outfielder Alex Dickerson got emotional when he spoke about his mom. “She does everything. Sorry (pause while he collects his thoughts). She has always supported me. She means everything to me. My parents come to every game,” Dickerson said, holding back tears. The thought of his mom and what she has done for him in his life really got to the Poway resident. It was nice to see those emotions come from the man.

Other players communicated the same type of feelings they have for their mom. “She means the world to me. I was given every opportunity from her, and she never doubted me. She has always been in my corner, and I am very fortunate to have that,” Matt Strahm said. The left-handed pitcher smiled continually while talking about his mom.

Showing support for your son in the game of baseball can be displayed in many different ways. There is no right or wrong answer. For Padres’ reliever Phil Maton, his mom got her hands dirty. “The second I started playing baseball, she was there. I can still remember playing catch with her in the backyard when I was younger,” Maton said with a grin. “We went to a lot of travel ball tournaments growing up. She has always been there for me, and I couldn’t be more fortunate to have her,” Maton said.

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Hunter Renfroe laughed when speaking about his mom. “She thinks she is my coach. I love her very much,” Renfroe said with a grin. He jokingly talked about how his mom thinks she can manage the team better than Andy Green. Renfroe should get plenty of playing time moving forward, so she may cut the manager some slack now about her son’s playing time.

Nick Margevicius spoke about all the time and commitment his mom made towards his baseball career. “My mom would drive me anywhere any time I had practice. She would always take me to tournaments,” Margevicius said. “The #1 Mother’s Day memory for me is- We would always play this tournament, in Toledo, on Mother’s Day weekend every year. The players would get flowers for all our moms and present them before the game. She never complained about spending Mother’s Day at the field,” Margevicius recalls. The left-hander will be on the mound on Mother’s Day, pitching in Colorado. He has a special gift for his mom. “She doesn’t know this yet, but I am going to give her my pink cleats from this coming weekend.”

Padres’ prospect MacKenzie Gore talked about how his mom helped shape him into the man he is. “Words cannot really describe what she has done for me. She always wanted me to do baseball the right way. My parents were never really into the results. My mom would get mad if, in high school, I came off the field and cussed. She helped me with respect for the game,” Gore said with a smile. The respect he shows on the mound while playing the game of baseball came from his mom. This is a pretty amazing homage to her each time he toes the rubber.

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