Padres’ Fernando Tatis Jr. puts the game of baseball into perspective

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

Fernando Tatis Jr. is taking the baseball world by storm. The San Diego Padres shortstop has already collected a 3.0 WAR in 50 games this season. Read what motivates this young man, and how he is grateful for every day in the major leagues.

The game of baseball is complicated.

More mental than anything, the sport can eat you alive if you don’t have the correct mindset. Rarely, do young players exhibit the skills for success at the major league level, but now and then- a unique player comes along. Though he has played in less than a third of a complete major league season, Fernando Tatis Jr. displays intangibles for the game than simply cannot be taught. He is special.

His approach at the plate is simple. “I just try to hit the ball hard and take over from there,” Tatis told East Village Times. There is no secret to his success. He works his tail off to be prepared and refuses to overcomplicate the game. A simple and basic approach will always lead to more success in the game.

Tatis plays the game with such passion and desire. In attempting to comprehend what motivates him, he spoke about family and enjoying the game. “I remember when I was a kid and how we played in the backyards and farms (in the Dominican), how we used to always play baseball. I remember having fun with my friends and my cousins. I get all that joy and energy from then, and I bring it over here with me,” Tatis explains. Again, not making things complicated, and just having fun is key for him. He is only 20 years old now, but he should have no problem playing the game in the same manner for his entire career.

Manny Machado was signed by the Padres this winter and has made an immediate impression on Tatis. The two are regularly seen together, and you can see a bond forming. When asked about Machado and how he has helped Tatis, his response was clear. “There is small stuff that you do every day that will help you in the long run. Manny is great in that area. He is helping me every possible way that he can,” Tatis said. Some worried if Machado would be a positive influence on the younger Dominican infielder. He has gone way beyond being a positive influence; he is a mentor of sort for Tatis.

Credit: AP Photo

Off to such a torrid start, the two of us discussed the inevitable slump that was coming. “I have been there before. Nothing is new. I have gone through months where I hit .120, but I come back from there,” Tatis said. The game of baseball will humble you, and Tatis agrees with me on that assessment. “I know this game is going to be tough. It is not easy every time. You just have to enjoy the game, remember where you come from and play baseball,” Tatis explains. This is a concept that seasoned veterans have trouble grasping. He expects adversity and will have no problem getting beyond the difficulties that are coming.

This current generation of major leaguers enjoy social media and interacting with the fans. Tatis is no different. “It has been great. I love the fans. The way they treat me is awesome. Seeing people fall in love with the chop is great. I enjoy the game, and they enjoy watching the Padres. I am having a great time,” Tatis said. He welcomes all the love and support from the fans. Keep it coming.

The young player is starting to enjoy the city of San Diego. “It is a great city. The weather is perfect. The people are good over here,” Tatis said. He loves the vibe of the city and how it is reminiscent of the island life he was used to growing up in the Dominican Republic. At one point, we discussed if San Diego was a place who could settle down eventually. “Yes. Probably close to the beach. I am from the islands, and we love the beach. I love the sand and being close to the water,” Tatis said. His heart belongs in the D.R., but he could see himself being content in the city of San Diego. Hopefully, for the sake of Padres fans, the organization will make that happen for a long time.

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  1. Indeed, Fernando Tatis Jr. is a very special player. The left side of the infield should be set for quite a while. The Padres have a core of players that will only begin to improve with each passing game. Machado, Tatis, Hosmer, Renfroe, Reyes, Lauer, Luchessi, Lamet, Paddock. To be annual contenders they will need another starting pitcher, two better relievers, a catcher, 2-baseman and a center fielder. Urias may be that 2-baseman, Capusano may be that catcher, Gore, although maybe a year away may be that starting pitcher. Castillo and Strahm may be the relievers. Trade for Starling Marte and you have your center fielder. Hopefully Preller makes the right decisions. I, for one have faith he will.

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