Padres EVT Podcast Episode 132: Snell trade, Kim signing, and now Darvish?

Credit: EVT Sports

Credit: EVT Sports

Episode 132 of the East Village Times Podcast out.

EVT editor James Clark and EVT staff writer Dominic Stearn are here to talk about the latest in Padres baseball along with some of the brightest minds in baseball and journalism.

In this episode, James and Dominic discussed the crazy things that have gone down since Sunday night

0:30 Snell trade
15:00 Ha-seong Kim
26:00 Darvish trade?
39:19 End

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1 thought on “Padres EVT Podcast Episode 132: Snell trade, Kim signing, and now Darvish?

  1. Great listen guys. You covered pretty much everything, but I wouldn’t be so quick to deal Cronenworth. With Garcia gone, Profar most likely not returning with the acquisition of Kim and the health issues that Hosmer has last season, having Cro’ around to cover all around the infield may be the best plan for him next few seasons.

    The bullpen was also quickly mentioned, that is an area in which I see a need as well. Pomeranz was fantastic all season and Pagan really came on late last year, but having a shutdown guy at the end would be ideal. When the Padres acquired Pagan last year I figured they envisioned him taking over for Yates this season, but with his early struggles last season, I would personally prefer a more reliable back end option.

    The amazing aspect of all of the deals that Preller and Co. have pulled off the last 6 months is, they have kept their top prospects, except for Patino, and have really dealt a bunch of guys who are blocked for years to come at the big league level and wouldn’t have been on the field in San Diego anytime soon. The crazy thing is, the Padres still have the high end prospects to go out and make another big deal. Do they go all out and try to acquire Hader to solidify the bullpen? Do they call the Reds and see what it would take to get Castillo to create a “super rotation”?

    As you said James, this is a great time to be a Padre fan! Not the worst thing about this pandemic, but selfishly, not being able to see this team live next season is going to suck. Lets hope that the vaccine can get rolled out as quickly as hoped and the sickness and deaths can be curtailed. Then with a little luck, MLB and government will allow fans in the stands. Go Padres!

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