Padres EVT Podcast Episode 126: The Padres are moving onto the NLDS

Credit: EVT Sports

Credit: EVT Sports
Episode 126 of the Padres East Village Times Podcast is out!
The Padres won their first playoff series since 1998 and will face the Los Angeles Dodgers this week.
Dominic and James discussed each game and looked ahead to the NLDS, including what the Padres could do with the rotation.
Additionally, they looked ahead to the offseason and all of the possibilities to ensure the Padres repeat their success in 2021.

0:30 Intro

1:50 Wild Card Round discussion

14:18 Postgame celebrations

17:40 Padres/Dodgers NLDS discussion w/ rotation possibilities

27:05 Padres’ coaching staff praise

30:019 Look ahead to 2021 Padres

34:50 Padres free agents Rosenthal->Yates->Profar

48:00 Austin Nola & the catching situation

54:15 Wrap-up

1:00:49 End

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Dominic Stearn
Dominic is currently a Senior at Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, studying Sports Journalism. He also hosts the "Devils Talking Padres" podcast and is the producer and co-host of the "Padres EVT Podcast.
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