Padres Rumors: Which Padres Player is Getting Traded At the Deadline?

Mandatory Credit: UT San Diego
Mandatory Credit: UT San Diego

Some Outside Chances for Trades

Option #5: Alexi Amarista or Clint Barmes

If the Padres do find themselves in the market for upgrades in the middle infield they could package either Amarista or Barmes together with one of their more enticing trade chips in a trade for someone better at shortstop either merely for this year or for the long-term future of the team.

Option #6: Odrisamer Despaigne

This is another Padres pitcher who could be expendable and used for an upgrade at a weaker position. This would be a package deal similar to what was discussed with Amarista/Barmes above. This would also be contingent on whether Ian Kennedy is traded but there remains many teams in need of pitching help.

Option #7: Austin Hedges/Hunter Renfroe

If the Padres find themselves in contention come the trade deadline, they could choose to put themselves all in by trading either one or both of their top prospects in order to upgrade some of the weaker positions on the diamond with major league talent. This would further mortgage the Padres future on this year and would be contingent on the Padres really having a shot at a deep playoff run.

Option #8: Tyson Ross/Andrew Cashner

This is the final trade to be considered at the deadline and would definitely be a sign of the Padres being complete sellers and focusing solely on rebuilding for the future. It is clear that both these pitchers are still young and have loads of talent as well as future value. If the Padres chose to trade either one or both of these guys it would clearly be a sign that the Padres are not competing this season but it would also go a long way in restocking the farm system that the Padres gutted in the offseason. Both these guys could bring back nice prospect returns.

The Padres have no shortage of options at the trade deadline and what they choose to actually do will be largely contingent on how the next month goes. If the Padres find themselves still in contention they may trade from positions of strength such as pitching, with Ian Kennedy, Joaquin Benoit, and Odrisamer Despaigne in order to improve their weaknesses at other positions and further compete for a deep playoff run. If they find themselves well out of contention they may sell some bigger pieces such as Justin Upton and may even sell more important pieces such as Andrew Cashner and Tyson Ross in order to rebuild the farm system for the Padres future roster. Time will tell what will happen but with AJ Preller at the helm Padre fans can expect a lot of excitement and perhaps a few unorthodox trades.

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