Padres Rumors: Which Padres Player is Getting Traded At the Deadline?

Mandatory Credit: UT San Diego
Mandatory Credit: UT San Diego

Option #4: Will Venable

Out of all the Padres trade deadline options, Will Venable may perhaps be the most intriguing but unlikely trade candidate. Will Venable is, like the other players listed, an impending free agent although his situation is quite a bit different from any of the others that have been discussed.

While Kennedy and Upton are more expensive pieces, and Benoit plays a position that the Padres have good depth at, Venable is a player not likely to make a large amount of money in free agency and has taken on a larger role on the team with the injury to Wil Myers. Depending on what happens with Justin Upton and if Wil Myers can come back healthy, the Padres may find themselves using Venable in a bigger capacity and he may be kept for that reason alone. This is all contingent on both of these circumstances but is still something to be considered. On top of that, Will Venable, who has played his whole career in San Diego, is a guy who is cheaper and perhaps more easier to resign than players with potential big free agent price tags such as Upton and Kennedy.

If the Padres do decide to trade Venable, once again there are plenty of teams who would be lining up for his services. This includes many of the same teams as above in need of outfield offensive help as well as perhaps some other teams with more constrained budgets. Venable would definitely fetch a much smaller return than any of Upton, Kennedy, or Benoit but he still may be able to bring back a prospect or two to help reboot the Padres farm system going forward.

Chances a Trade Gets Done: 25-30%

Given his renewed role on the team, and the potential for a bigger role with a possible Justin Upton trade or continued Wil Myers injury concerns, it seems rather unlikely that the Padres will choose to deal Will Venable. The Padres may choose to put his name on the market but the return may not be worth giving up a talented and versatile player such as Will Venable who could still be affordable long-term for the Padres in free agency this off-season.


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