Chargers Editorial: Chargers Uncertainty Grips Us All

Credit: UT San Diego
Credit: UT San Diego

The San Diego Chargers 2015 season has ended. Mercifully. What started out as a season in which many fans were excited at the possibility of a strong playoff push, ended in many of those same fans wanting nothing to do with the organization. Even despite the great seasons from Philip Rivers, Jason Verrett and Denzel Perryman, some fans want nothing to do with the Bolts.

Throughout the course of the 2015 season, owner Dean Spanos has done everything in his power to move his franchise to Los Angeles, and in doing so, has alienated a large part of the fan base. Spanos’ reasoning for such a bold course of action is because of the fact that Rams owner, Stan Kroenke, announced that HE would like to move his team to the L.A. area.

In doing this, Spanos believes that The Rams will take away from the reported 25% revenue that The Chargers acquire from the L.A. market. Mark Davis’ Raiders have also been in on the move as they too have a strong following in L.A. So these teams have been in a “race” of sorts to be the first team to L.A. and reap all of its benefits.

There is multiple scenarios that could be possibilities for these teams. The three that seem to be the most likely are: 1-the Chargers and Raiders move into Carson together, 2-the Rams and Chargers move into Inglewood together, and 3-the Rams may move into Inglewood by themselves.

The one team that seems the most likely to move is the Rams. This is increasingly seeming like more of a reality with the release of a scathing document by Mr. Kroenke that details why his team should move away from St. Louis.

Some believe that The Chargers would make the most sense to move with them being only a couple of hours south of L.A. Though, with the Rams and Raiders having the largest fan bases in L.A., many believe they should be the ones to go forward with the move. Poll after poll shows The Chargers coming in a distant third for whom the people in L.A. would want to see in their city.

Nobody knows for sure what the future holds for San Diego’s once beloved Chargers. It is still a very real possibility that no teams move to L.A. next season which would give the city another year to try to come up with a solution to the stadium dilemma.

This leaves Charger fans wondering “Now What?”. An upcoming vote from the NFL owners will ultimately decide the fate for each of these teams. Until then, all the people of San Diego can do is hope. Hope that their favorite NFL team does not attempt to flee, but instead, stays and embraces them like we have for so many years.

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