Jordan Beane Interview “Seeking Fulfillment”

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As for now, Jordan is still freelancing with the team and helping them while they are still technically stationed in San Diego. “I am going to be sticking around until the team leaves. When it comes to the Chargers, they are the reason why I am here in San Diego. This is the best place on earth as far as I am concerned… The Chargers have been incredibly kind to me. I know people have different opinions on them, but I can only speak from my personal experience.” That is the type of person he is. Yes, he has resigned and left the job, but the team still needs assistance and he is more than willing to help out.

We spoke a lot about the players and the different aspects of his job as I was interested to know what he was going to miss most. “I have been incredibly lucky to work in sports for 10 years. I’ve met doctors and lawyers that make way more money than I do. They have told me that they would switch jobs with me in an instant… Being in the locker room after a game is something I will miss. Even if it’s just patting a guy on the shoulder after a good game, I felt like I was part of the team. I have been just so fortunate.”  Those type of memories will be with Jordan Beane forever, and I am sure some way, somehow, he will get the opportunity to once again share in some glorious locker room bonding.

We laughed as Jordan revealed to me that this coming NFL season will be his first to enjoy in the last 10 years. We spoke about the RedZone channel and the fact he will get the chance to ingest the season without the stress of deadlines. In speaking with him, he is looking forward to this time. He described it as his “re-entry into public life, not dictated by an NFL schedule.” You never consider the stress of a person responsible for so much around the team. This fall will be a relaxing time for Jordan Beane come Sunday.

Nick Hardwick and Jordan have become great friends over the years, and I asked him about the former Pro-Bowl lineman. “We would have to talk for another three hours for me to tell you how great Nick is. He is the most genuine person. I was very lucky to work with him. He is a good guy and a true friend to me. He is clearly a San Diego icon at this point. The city is better off having people like Nick around.” Clearly Nick was more upset about the move than Jordan. Hardwick has even stated that he is no longer a Chargers’ fan. For that passion to the city, he will always be welcomed by San Diegans. Jordan is a little more practical about the situation and admits that he will be rooting for the team. He explained to me that he built so many relationships with the players and such, that it is hard to go against that. I can certainly understand that. Nobody is judging. Or at least they shouldn’t. These are confusing times for Chargers’ fans everywhere. To each their own.

In closing, we spoke about Dean Spanos. He is not exactly the most beloved man in the city of San Diego, and I asked Jordan his thoughts on how this whole fiasco went down. In reality, the Spanos’ family has done much for the community. Despite the end result, we cannot ignore the generosity the family has shown to many San Diegans. His comments were interesting to say the least. “I find it a little unfortunate that the NFL has been able to skate by without much blame. I was in Houston in 2016 where they voted, I believe 30-2, to give the Chargers the ability to move to Los Angeles. Then to have all these back channeled conversations supposedly saying the NFL was disappointed and such. They tried to have it both ways, and it’s really unfair. They make the rules. They are the house. They can do whatever they want.” The NFL surely does rule all. The fact they did nothing to keep the team in San Diego is what is hurting so many fans.

We spoke more about the league and the future of it. “I was disappointed that the NFL was quick to say they love San Diego and essentially put all the blame on the Chargers’ organization, when they are the ones who opened the door on them leaving in the first place.” Jordan makes a great point. The NFL allowed the team to have the option, and that backfired on what they thought was a slam-dunk stadium proposal. It’s sad that the politics of the league interfered in what was right. Dean Spanos, in the end, chose to take his team and leave, but the NFL allowed it to happen and they also put the blame solely on him.

Moments like this, and the injustices of our society, are what fuel people’s passion for politics. Jordan Beane knows what the Chargers meant to the city of San Diego. He feels the pain the fans are currently suffering, and in the end, all he wants is to ensure progress within the community. If you would like to learn more about Jordan and his cause, please visit his website at He is currently looking for individuals to join, donate, or volunteer. He is running for District 2 City Council for 2018. Please give him some time, and support him in his quest to help make San Diego a better place for us all.

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