Chargers News: With So Many Needs, the Chargers Should Trade the 3rd Pick

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Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Last month, I wrote my debut article here on EVT on why the Chargers should draft Jalen Ramsey with the 3rd overall pick. To be fair, I still would love to make that selection come April 28th if he’s still on the board, as well as a few more players from this year’s talent pool. After years of picking in the middle of round one, any player taken at number three overall this year would stem a positive reaction.

That’s the selfish fan-voice in my head talking. The more realistic version is cursing at that selfish s.o.b.

Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

The Chargers have too many potholes on this roster and not enough asphalt to fill them all.

Tom Telesco needs to do everything in his power to get more draft picks, and he finds himself in a good position to do so sitting at number three overall.

The top quarterbacks in each year’s class always drive the draft. There just so happens to be two guys who receive snaps that fill that criteria. Here’s the kicker: only one team selecting before the Bolts really need one of those QBs terribly. Are you picking up what I’m laying down?

For this article, whomever you believe is the best QB in the draft is not important, because the Browns should be taking either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff at pick two. This puts the Chargers on the clock with the other best QB on the board. Two different teams in the top 10 (assuming The Chargers wouldn’t trade outside the top 10) could be in the market for that franchise QB in round one: the 49ers (pick 7) and the Eagles (pick 8).

Before looking at a possible trade scenario, I’m going to look over the current roster to identify these potholes that need fixing on Murphy Canyon Rd.

Chargers Current Roster

*Note: Not listing every single player on the roster, only projected starters and immediate backups*

Bold Font : projected starter

Regular font: backup (PS = practice squad in ‘15)

Offense (using a three WR set, which is pretty standard in today’s game)

Rivers Gordon Allen Benjamin Johnson Gates
Clemens Woodhead Inman Herndon Williams Cumberland


Dunlap Franklin Watt Fluker Barksdale
Hairston Wiggins Robinson Huey (PS) Burwell

My Take:

I’ll briefly start with the QB position. Rivers is signed through 2019, and being the pocket passer he is, there is no reason to think he can’t play that long. Could the team look towards the future? Sure, but I feel they can hold off another year before going that route. However, I would reluctantly comprehend a QB selected on day three of the draft (rounds 4-7).

Free agent acquisition Travis Benjamin helped filled the void at the WR 2-3 position (depending how you rank him with Stevie Johnson). The Chargers should still be in the market for a receiver in the draft. The position has had injury problems the last few years, and the depth is just not there. Dontrelle Inman is the most proven backup, and the younger receivers aren’t anything to get excited about. The Chargers need another wide receiver.


The Chargers missed out on free agent center Alex Mack, and refused to go after anyone else (can’t blame them). This has left the center position as a gargantuan hole on this roster. I am praying Tom Telesco and company don’t still consider Chris Watt or Trevor Robinson as starting options. I’m not even convinced these guys are NFL backups. The Chargers need a center.

The team could certainly use improved depth at the other OL positions as well, seeing how these guys drop like flies on a consistent basis. My biggest fear is that King Dunlap is a concussion or two away from walking away from the game, which would be a disaster for this team. One could argue that the Chargers need to add at least two offensive lineman before the season.

Lastly, the TE position is another weak area on this offense. Gates is old as dirt and is making his victory lap on his HOF career, whether it’s one season or two. Losing Ladarius Green to the Steelers is going to hurt more and more as the season goes on. Behind Gates on the roster, there are a few guys who you’ve never heard of unless you’re inside in the front office. This includes the newly acquired Jeff Cumberland from the NY Jets.

Marc Sessler, Around the NFL Writer for, spoke to Tom Telesco after the Cumberland signing, and quoted him saying “Tight end is a position we know we still need to do some work with, but we have plenty of time to get that done” ( Damn right Tommy, the Chargers need another tight end.


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