Everything You Need to Know About the Lake Elsinore Storm

Credit: LE Storm

Credit: Lake Elsinore Storm

So. You’re caught up with the history, you know who’s on the team, and who you should keep an eye out for in 2017.

Now let’s take a look at how you can get down to the Lake Elsinore Diamond and enjoy some games live.

Lake Elsinore Diamond

I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy “The Diamond” ever since I was a young boy. There was nothing like running around the grassy hill that follows the right field line with my brothers on a weekday night. Along with that, there are 6,066 fixed seats that circle behind home plate and line up with both dugouts. There’s also 11 luxury suites for those of you who have the extra pocket change. You can grab individual game tickets in the range of $10 to sit behind the dugouts, to just $18 for premium behind the plate seats.

Single Game Tickets

Four Tops seats are located directly behind both dugouts, you can get a high-top table and your own chair in your own secluded area. These tickets come in at $100 per table. So buddy up with three other people and it’s only $25 per seat! In the Four Tops section, you get your own padded seat at the four-seater table. You also get wait service, so there’s no need to leave your seat, unless you need to relieve yourself of all the $2 beers you’ve been drinking on Thirsty Thursdays (we’ll get to this a little later).

High Tops seats are above everyone else, so you don’t have to stare at that balding dude who just won’t let that last little bit of hair go. You can grab a High Top seat for just $20.

Premium Home Plate seats put you right in the mix of all the action. For just $18, you can sit right behind home plate and get an exclusive look at the future of the MLB, and more importantly, the future of the Padres.

Home Plate seats are still behind home plate, just the next section up. Sure you won’t behind able to sit almost directly behind the ump, but for just $14 you will get to see all the action from the heart of the field.

Credit: Storm Baseball

Dugout seats are among the fan favorites. Sit behind your home team in Lake Elsinore, or if you have family visiting, take them to sit behind the visitors dugout so they can get a close up look of their hometown team. For just $14 you’ll have opportunities to call out some of your favorite prospects and hopefully get either a ball tossed up to you or even just a simple wave is cool to get, especially for kids.

Field seats will put you next to the dugout but more down the first/third base lines. These $12 seats are nice too, because if you can get those first row seats you get a chance to reach over and grab some foul balls that often get rolled past the dugout. Just make sure the ball is not in play!

Outfield seats put you right down the third/first baselines, but behind both bases. There aren’t actually any seats in the outfield at The Diamond, but being in outfield seats gives a chance to grab some foul balls. For just $10 you can glove up and hopefully get some balls hit to your section

Seniors can get to pick a seat of their own for just $1o! Although there are just a couple of restrictions, seniors would have to pay full price for the game on 7/3 and for exhibition games as well.

Military members not only get saluted on Sunday, but they can get into any game they want for just $8! The same restrictions that get applied to seniors get applied to Military members too.

Daily Promotions

The Storm play at a beautiful stadium and there’s no better way to enjoy than to have a night full of festivities planned for each day of the week!

Dog Day Mondays

All dogs are welcome to the park on Monday home games for just an extra $1 pooch pass. All earnings from each pooch pass will benefit an animal charity at the end of the season. Also, the first 500 fans to arrive will receive a free hot dog!

Fiesta Tuesday 

El Rachito Tacho Shop sponsors Fiesta Tuesdays where you can get $3 El Ranchito tacos, $3 tallboys, and $3 margaritas!

Credit: Storm Baseball

WINS-day Wednesday 

Possibly one of the cooler daily promotions the Storm offer. If you’re in attendance for a Storm win on a Wednesday, you receive a free ticket to a future Storm game! You just have to make sure to stay until the last out to receive your free ticket.

Thirsty Thursdays

Come all, come thirsty! At Thursday home games, different local craft beer, along with the same domestic drafts and sodas, will be featured and priced at just $2!

Fireworks Fridays

Every Friday home game, win or lose, will be followed by a spectacular Storm firework show! Bring the kids and you can get your weekend kicked off on a good note.

Signature Saturdays

There will be giveaways, autograph sessions, and many more activities planned for Saturdays at The Diamond. Bring a ball and pen to get the future of the MLB autographs!

Salute to Soldiers Sunday Fundays

The Storm use Sundays to honor those who have served for our country. Going into the second season of doing Salute to Soldiers Sunday Fundays, all military, active duty, and retired, (with valid I.D.) will receive up to four tickets on the house as a salute to their service. Another cool thing is kids get to come onto the field and run the bases after the game!

Season Tickets

Live in or around Lake Elsinore and want to come to games regularly? Get season tickets! Can’t afford a full season?  Don’t even sweat it, there’s affordable Mini-Plans available, so you can get tickets in bundles. But before we get into that, let’s look at full season tickets.

Full Season

If you have the money and wanna grab one of the 11 luxury suits, a simple $12,000 can get you a suite for all activities for an entire season’s worth of baseball! The suite comes with 10 tickets, so find nine of your buddies and split the cost so you can all enjoy the suite.

Now for the regular people.  Usually when you buy the cheapest season ticket option you get stuck with some crappy seats. It’s kind of a good thing that there really isn’t a bad seat at The Diamond.

Four Tops season tickets come in at $5,000 per table for the entire season. You can do the same kind of idea as I mentioned with the box, split it however many ways you want, divide up the games between each other, and enjoy waited service all season long.

Premium Home Plate seats come in at the third most expensive option. For $650 you can get first class seating to see every prospect every home game.

Home Plate come in $100 cheaper than the Premium seats. So move back a few rows and pay $550 for the season. Or you could move a few rows to either your right or left and pay $550 to sit behind the dugout!

Field and Outfield seats both come in at $500 to get all-season access to see the game from the baseline.


There are two different options for the mini-plans. You can either get the 7-game package or the 14-game package. Here are the prices for both of those plans:

7 Game 14 Game
Premium Home Plate $91 $182
Home Plate $77 $154
Dugout $77 $154
Field $63 $126
Outfield $63 $126

 Birthday Package

Another super dope package Storm offers is the birthday package. Whether you’re seven or seventy, you can get the birthday package for you and your friends.

“Home Run Package” 

In the Home Run Package you get: One game ticket, hotdog, chips, and a drink, an ice cream, and a special welcome. So each person you bring gets all of these perks for just $17 per package.

“Grand Slam Package” 

The Grand Slam Package gives you all these perks plus funzone tickets, storm souvenir, and you get to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. All that for just $24 per package.

Then at the end of the day the birthday boy/girl/man/woman get to take home an official MLB team-signed ball!

Family Fun Pack

If you’re trying to take the family out for a night of baseball, $65 gets you four Storm tickets, small sodas, hotdogs, playable programs, Carl’s Jr. famous star burgers, and Baskin Robbins coupons. Along with four of each of those things, you get a free oil change from A&M Automotive (crazy, huh?), Mulligan Family Fun Center free Pick 4 pass, and two fanzine tickets.

Whew! That was a lot. I tried to cover every aspect of getting into The Diamond for a Storm game, but if you feel like you need some more information you can call up the stadium at 951-245-HITS(4487).

There it is. Pretty much all the info you need to know about the Lake Elsinore Storm. You got the history, the players on the team now, who to watch out for once the season rolls around, and almost every possible way to legally get into and watch these young stars play. I just want to go on record saying this is not a paid piece. All of this was done out the kindness of my heart to share information with fellow Friar fans who want to get a closer glimpse of the Padres’ future.

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