Padres News: Drew Pomeranz in the Rotation?

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Credit: AP Photo
Credit: AP Photo

With the start of Spring Training action on Wednesday, the time has come for players to prove themselves in order to earn spots on a big league roster for 2016. The San Diego Padres have no shortage of players trying to earn roster spots and, this morning, they added a few more to the fray.

So both Matt Thornton and Christian Friedrich have been brought into Padres camp to compete for spots in the bullpen. This is an interesting series of moves for a variety of reasons. First off, the Padres have two more veteran arms to compete for spots in the bullpen. You can never have too much bullpen depth, and the Padres should benefit from that should any injuries arise. Secondly, two more left handed relievers means something interesting for a player already on the Padres roster.

That player is Drew Pomeranz. With the addition of two more left handed reliever options, it appears Pomeranz is getting a serious look as potential rotation candidate for 2016.

While it seemed like Pomeranz was destined for the bullpen, Andy Green has made it apparent that Pomeranz will be competing for a roster spot. Having both Thornton and Friedrich as options makes it easier to give Pomeranz a seriously look in the rotation. With no left handed starter currently penciled in, with Robbie Erlin as the other potential option, Pomeranz could have a pretty good shot of earning a spot in the rotation and serve that role.

In 2015 Pomeranz struggled as a starter, posting a 4.63 ERA and 4.19 FIP in 44.2 innings. As a reliever, Pomeranz was markedly better, posting a 2.61 ERA and 3.01 FIP in 41.1 innings. Despite those struggles in the rotation, and success in the pen, there still is a good opportunity for Pomeranz to succeed in a starting role. At worst, he can be sent back to the bullpen and hopefully have the same success he did in 2016.

The additions of both Matt Thornton and Christian Friedrich once again give the Padres plentiful options. There will be several players battling for rotation spots, including Pomeranz, and additional left handed options in the bullpen gives the Padres the opportunity to really test Pomeranz in that starting role. With just one game under the team’s belt for 2016 Spring Training, there are still a lot of things to decide. Options are always nice to have.

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