Chase Headley Acquired From Yankees for Jabari Blash

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In a surprising move, the San Diego Padres have re-acquired third baseman Chase Headley from the New York Yankees for slugging outfielder Jabari Blash.

Also in the deal is right-handed pitcher Bryan Mitchell.

The Padres take on all of Headley’s $13 million dollar salary in the deal, as they appear to be absorbing money in order to get their hands on Mitchell. The Yankees’ former pitcher has decent upside and will be given an opportunity to earn a rotation spot out of the spring.

Headley had his best seasons in San Diego and could be shipped by the Padres prior to the spring. That remains to be seen.

The Padres infield is certainly crowded at the moment with Yangervis Solarte, Carlos Asuaje, and Cory Spangenberg on the roster. A.J. Preller has already proclaimed he will look to make another deal, so the roster should obviously change again. He told Headley himself, via phone, that the Padres will be talking to other clubs.

Preller is very savvy. Immediate reaction on Padres Twitter was to be expected, as most are outraged.

I agree Headley is only a shadow of himself, but I appreciate the upside of Mitchell and I certainly realize that Headley could either provide depth for 2018 at first and third or possibly be shipped off to another team. It is very early in the baseball off-season.

Again though, Padres Twitter is angry and unreasonable. I guess that is to be expected with the hangover from the loss of Shohei Ohtani. It also does not help that the Padres have to endure constant chatter of Eric Hosmer, which seems too good to be true. Stay calm, Padre fans.

The Padres will surely make more deals this winter. The depth on the infield has grown and the team also has depth in the outfield.

We know the team is in search of pitching, so expect another trade.

8 thoughts on “Chase Headley Acquired From Yankees for Jabari Blash

  1. Oh boy here we go again. Shit is shit and you couldn’t trade it away.(Headley) and a pitcher that might have promise without options! Then you sign a kid in 5 years might make it to Triple A

  2. Unless this Mitchell guy is another Adrian Morejon (who we signed for $11 mil) it is a total joke. Solarte is better value to play 3rd base for us, Headly and Solarte numbers are a wash. I agree if we had $13 mill burning a hole in our pocket it should of been spent it on Cozart.

    I think AJP is trying to create a bigger sample size for his worst trades of his career here. This one doesn’t top Turner and Ross for Meyers but it is close.

    Mark my words we will eat $8-$10 mil of this contract trying to dump Headley ASAP.

    1. If we’re lucky, maybe they sign Todd Frazier and trade for Manny Machado and bring in the Panda and sign the Moose!

      1. Yes! I hope the Padres corner the market on corner infielders. Maybe they sign Hosmer, and get a bunch of other guys who can only play 1B … along with a myriad of 3B guys. That $13,000,000 would have been a great investment toward Zach Cosart.

  3. From what ive been reading is that this mitchell guy is not just some throw in. Hes got mid 90s stuff and will be possibly given a chance to start a la mauer. Im glad blash is gone. So much power but nothing else. 13 million for maybe a half a year of headley at most no biggie. doubt he makes it to spring training with the pads. its still early in the offseason. lets see how the rest of the winter plays out.

  4. This trade is beyond puzzling! It is even more alarming when the proposed Hosmer signing is brought into the picture. What is the absolute last thing that is needed for the Padres? A third basemen you say? No, an average-to-less-than-average third basemen that is on a 1 year contract for 13 million dollars, who muddies the picture and clogs up the glut of third basemen the Padres want to trade? YES!! Preller is doing a HUGE favor for the Yankees. Why? This makes no sense. If this was all included in a bigger deal with the Yankees then that might make some sense. But it is not. I hate to bring it up, and I know it sounds conspiratorial … but will Preller be able to make fair trades with other GMs? Perhaps, but it doesn’t look like it … or … he is just really bad at making trades. Which way is more concerning?

    1. If Mitchell makes the rotation in a deal where they only give up Blash it will be a good trade. They can get rid of Headley in a trade and even eat half his salary and it could still work.

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