Chargers’ Verrett Has Partial Tear in Knee Ligament, Season is OVER

Credit: AP Photo
Credit: AP Photo

As if the San Diego Chargers season could not get any worse, the team has announced that shut down cornerback Jason Verrett has a partial tear in his knee ligament and his 2016 season is over.

Apparently Verrett has been dealing with the knee issue for the past two weeks and he came into Chargers practice yesterday complaining of the issue. It is no secret that Verrett has looked suspiciously mortal the past two weeks, in particular two weeks ago when T.Y. Hilton ran all over him. It all makes sense now as Verrett obviously had knee pain which kept him from shadowing the speedy receiver.

So what is next for the Chargers? The team brought back Steve Williams who played for the team last year. The Chargers are preparing for the worst as they look to continue the 2016 season without one of their best players on the team. Truly tragic.

Losing Verrett has come to no surprise to Chargers fans, as the team has already lost Keenan Allen, Danny Woodhead, Steven Johnson, Jeff Cumberland, Donavan Clark, and Manti Te’o for the season. It is truly amazing the rash of injuries that has struck the team for the past two seasons.

Why are all the Chargers going down? Is this a league wide issue or are the Chargers just the victims of bad luck? There have been some real big names going down to injury so far this year NaVorro Bowman, J.J. Watt, Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson to name a few. So it does not seem like the problem is just the Chargers issue. Although you cannot argue that the team has been the victim more than any other franchise this year.

The Chargers will now prepare themselves for life without Verrett. Losing him is a major blow. Brandon Flowers has been dealing with concussion symptoms the last two games and he is still not cleared to return to practice.

Four weeks into the Chargers season, the year looks bleak. Some will try to remain positive, but losing core players like they have is nearly impossible to come back from. The team will try to move forward without some of their best players.

Coach McCoy has an impossible task and has been the victim of bad luck more than anything. He has not endeared himself to the fans with suspect play calling to boot. His coaching future looks as bright as the Chargers 2016 season. If he rights the ship and turns this season around by motivating his remaining players, he could conceivably save his job. That’s not what most fans want to hear, but at this point, bringing in another coach would do nothing for the franchise.

Heartbreaking news for Verrett, who looked to have turned the corner this year and was finally getting national recognition as one of the best young corners in the league. Unfortunately, he will have to wait until next season to continue his development. You have to feel for this young man and the rest of the Chargers who lost their season prematurely to injury. Football is a brutal sport and those that have not succumbed to injury should be thankful for their good fortunes. Injuries can strike at any time.

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