Chargers Rumors: Darnell Dockett an Option for Chargers?

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Mandatory Credit: AP Photo
Mandatory Credit: AP Photo

Early Friday morning the San Francisco 49ers made a surprise cut to their roster. 10 year veteran defensive lineman Darnell Dockett was cut by the team. Would the San Diego Chargers be interested in adding this veteran to their team?

Docket was signed this past off-season to replace Justin Smith who retired after a productive 14 year career. The move is very strange being that the Niners also lost Aldon Smith (released/off-field issues) and Patrick Willis (retirement) this off-season. Docket was rewarded with a $10 million dollar contract ($2 million guaranteed) from the Niners, but now he is a free agent.

The 2014 season was a horrible one for Dockett as he missed the entire season with a torn ACL in his right knee. The 10 year vet is 34 years old, and there are whispers that his health is not up to par. He missed the Chargers/49ers game on Thursday with a minor rib contusion.

So should the Chargers try to sigh Dockett to strengthen their defensive line? If healthy Dockett would provide the gritty veteran that group needs, but his health is a major concern. Why would the Niners release him being that they have such a huge need at the defensive line position? Do they know something that other teams are not aware of?

There is a high risk to Darnell Dockett, but there is also a very high reward. He is a very intense player. From time to time, the defense for the Chargers has seemed to lack that fire. He would be a great motivator for the young lineman, but again he does nothing for the team if he is not healthy. The Chargers would need to do their homework if they intend to pick up this talented player.


The ultra talented Dockett worked this preseason with the Niners on the left side of the defensive line. He was mainly used as a pass rusher, but does have exceptional run stuffing ability as well. There have been reports that the Arizona Cardinals would be interested in Dockett. He spent his entire career there, and left via free agency. To me that seems unlikely. If the Cardinals wanted him, they had every opportunity to re-sign him.

If the Chargers can get Dockett in at a decent cap number, they should really take a look at him. For this team to take itself to the next level, they are going to need veteran players like this with the hunger to succeed. The Chargers team is mostly made up of young talent so when adding a veteran the Chargers need to be aware of the type of player he is. Dockett has consistently shown a decent work ethic and for the most part has stayed out of trouble. He could be a great addition to the line. Will the Chargers take a look? we will just have to wait and see

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