Chargers Preparing for Life Without Bosa?

Credit: AP Photo
Credit: AP Photo

It what has become seemingly a yearly tradition, the San Diego Chargers camp has started and there is drama.

This year it is third overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft Joey Bosa, who is holding out and has not signed his contract yet. In an unexpected twist the Chargers had their private jet in Florida talking to Bosa and made their final offer last night to his representatives. Bosa and his reps refused the offer this morning and the Chargers private jet flew home without the #1 pick.

It is truly amazing that year after year this franchise has issues like this. The NFL season is brutal and to play at your optimal level, you must have zero distractions. This contract issue and the fact the teams first pick is not in camp is a huge distraction. I am positive that every member of the Chargers is sick and tired of talking about Bosa and his signing.

So whats the problem? Why cant the team and Bosa just get it done? I mean his money is slotted like every other top pick in the draft. The two sides are presently arguing about signing bonuses and off-set language. Bosa is starting to be difficult and the Chargers are not a franchise traditionally that you do that to.

From Vincent Jackson to Eric Weddle, the Chargers have not handled contract situations really well. They get offended really easily by players asking for more money and with that they draw a line in the sand and refuse to budge. I DO NOT expect the Chargers to bend on their last offer to Bosa. If that is what they are prepared to pay fully, then that is what they will pay. End of story.

Bosa and his representatives cannot be ignorant enough to believe that the team will cave in. At this point the team and Bosa are at a point where this could easily carry well into the season. Both sides need to really thing about what they are about to do.

Bosa was offered 85% of his bonus money upfront from the Chargers. His signing bonus payment would be larger than any player has received in the last two draft. He would also be paid more money than every player in this years draft with exception to Carson Wentz. The offer may not have been what Bosa wanted, but it was surely a decent offer.

The Chargers will not back down. They have made their best offer and tradition says the team will not sway from their beliefs. Bosa is in jeopardy of losing millions of dollars by holding out and not signing. Not to mention all the valuable reps that he is missing. I am sure he is keeping himself in great shape and working out daily in Florida, but he needs reps on the field with his new teammates.

Joey Bosa needs to take a long hard look at himself in the mirror. We all know the Chargers will refuse to budge. So there just comes a time where you just have to bite the bullet. Sadly the relationship between these two sides could be fractured beyond repair. Bosa will surely hold some resentment if the Chargers do not give him what he demands.

Owning and operating a major sports franchise is sometimes not all it’s cracked up to be. There are constant issues like this that turn this enjoyable sport into a real business. In business there are certain ethics involved but they do not apply to the NFL and their owners. These owners know that the fans alliance to the team outweighs everything. These owners know that the fan base will take a certain amount of abuse and that is exactly what Chargers fans are currently enduring.

At the end of the day this situation is about millionaires fighting with billionaires over hundreds of thousands of dollars. Principle is involved and neither side wants to look weak. However the fans are the ones who are punished and suffer. The same fans who spend a large fraction of their paychecks to attend games and pay inflated prices for food and beverages. It’s shameful that this whole situation has to occur. This kind of nonsense is what makes sports evil.

To the Chargers: Man the F*ck up and get this deal done. There are bigger fish to fry like a potential NFL stadium. You are losing votes by the day with this contract dispute. Voters do not want to hear about this any longer. The stadium is far from a guarantee. Figure it out!

To Joey Bosa: The NFL is a rough business and yes it is better to let your representatives handle your contract. However there comes a time when you as a man just have to take control. The only one who is being damaged in this situation is you. You cannot tarnish your image further. If you lose a little money this contract, then so be it. Tear it up like none other for the next few seasons and make the Chargers pay in the long run. Very simple solution and we all know you have the ability to be a dominate force.

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