Chargers News: Sydney Seau & the Impression She Left

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Mandatory Credit: UT San Diego
Mandatory Credit: UT San Diego

All San Diego Chargers fans knew that this weekend would be emotional. Every Chargers fan understood the importance of this moment and how special it would be. However I don’t believe anyone could have foreseen the inspirational and poised way in which Sydney Seau spoke about her father. Sydney was interviewed on stage after the presentation of her father’s Hall Of Fame bust, but wasn’t allowed to address the crowd directly.

Being that she is the eldest child of Junior Seau, it was on her shoulders to represent her three brothers and herself to the whole NFL community. Not only did she shoulder the load of this moment, but she carried herself in a way that was truly magical to see. One could never imagine the gut-wrenching emotions that she was going through. Sydney Seau stayed calm and collected herself on many occasion and tactfully spoke about her father with the same mesmerizing smile as Junior.

Sydney was not allowed to speak on stage in front of everyone, but still managed to be heard. The NFL and the Hall Of Fame have a policy that prohibited her from speaking in place of her father. It really was a shame that it was not overturned, but nothing ever really surprises me when it comes to the NFL and its public relations. They always excel in doing the wrong thing, and in this case they stayed true to form. Her and her brothers were on stage to unveil the bust of their father, but there was no speech directly there after like all other inductees.

Nothing was ever mentioned by the Seau family in regards to not letting Sydney speak. The family acted very honorably and had no intentions of making this about them. To their credit they put on a brave face and took the higher ground. It cannot be said enough what a class act the family was during this trying time. One would imagine the family was disappointed in not being able to speak, but nothing can compare to the pain the family still feels for their loss.

The death of Junior Seau is a tragedy and something needs to be done in order to eliminate all these football related head injuries. The game is being played faster than ever before, and players are getting bigger and stronger too. One way or another things have to change or the sport will become too barbaric for even the most die-hard of fans. How many Junior Seau’s must the world lose, before we realize that something needs to change? We must learn from these losses and grow as a society and as a sport.

Perhaps the NFL was afraid the Seau family would put some blame on them. Perhaps that fear, is what led to an error in judgement. Sydney Seau had no intention of blasting the NFL and her speech that was prepared proves that. She is a gracious young lady and handled this moment with such dignity. This time was to honor the great athlete that Junoir Seau was. A time to honor perhaps the most inspiring player the NFL has ever had.

Junior Seau must be very proud of his daughter at this time. Even though Sydney is no longer able to hold him in her arms, she must truly know how much pride she brings to him. At a difficult time in life, the cream rises to the top. Sydney showed the character and demeanor that exuded from Junior Seau everyday of his life. The apple did not fall far from the proverbial tree in this regard.

The heart of Junior Seau is what most will remember most. He loved to play the game and that showed in every snap he took. Junior Seau is the first Polynesian or Samoan to make the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Sydney noted that fact and called that an accomplishment in itself. “All though he’s the first to make it in the Hall, I know for a fact he won’t be the last”, is what Sydney remarked on stage after the enshrinement.

Sydney Seau did a wonderful job this weekend in Canton Ohio. She made every Chargers fan proud. The City of San Diego was very lucky to have Junior Seau as a member. He was generous in his off-field contributions and always had time for the fans. His loss will always provide pain for Chargers fans. It is not very often that a player like Junior Seau comes along, and it is also rare to find a young lady with the poise of Sydney Seau. She spoke about her father becoming a light, and the light is very evident when you gaze upon Sydney Seau. In her eyes that light will always shine and he will live forever.

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