Chargers News: Rivers Contract Being Worked Out?

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Mandatory Credit: UT San Diego
Mandatory Credit: UT San Diego

This 2015 San Diego Chargers season will be huge in many different ways for the city and the fans. One of the most pressing issues is the pending free agency of franchise quarterback Philip Rivers. His representatives and the Chargers are currently negotiating on a contract extension. We will see where that takes them.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson recently received an extension from the Seahawks. His deal will pay him an average of $21.9 million dollars a season. Rivers is said to be seeking a new deal in the $20 million dollar per year range. A hefty sum, but Rivers importance to the team is obvious. That $20 million requested is probably right on par with what the right handed quarterback deserves.

At the age of 33 Rivers is certainly getting up there in age, but he should easily be successful for the next few seasons at least. He has shown the grit and fire needed to be the general on the field. Rivers age and mobility are a concern, but with a beefier line this season, he should be very well protected. With 252 career Chargers touchdowns, Rivers stands two touchdowns behind Dan Fouts for the All-Time Chargers career record. That will be exciting to see and should probably make Rivers a lock as the Chargers best quarterback in franchise history. A matter of debate, that we here at EVT will explore very soon.

He will surely break that Chargers touchdown record as Rivers has been very consistent since taking over as starting quarterback in 2006. He has not missed one game since becoming the starting quarterback. Rivers toughness could never be questioned. He gives it all out on the field for his team every time he sets foot on the field. Players rally around him and are enthused by his fire. He is out there every week and that is something that is priceless to the whole team.

That consistency alone dictates the Chargers at least sit down and speak to the quarterback. In the off-season Rivers was very vocal about his displeasure with the possibility of the team moving to Los Angeles. He has not been as vocal of late, and perhaps this contract negotiation is a sign that he has lightened his stance on the proposed move. Rivers would love to be a Charger for life and the Chargers would be lucky to have him for the rest of his career.

If the Chargers really want to keep Rivers long-term then they really should have no problem signing him. He obviously loves the city of San Diego and is very happy raising his family here. Thinking of Rivers taking snaps under center from a different team would be a horrible site to see for Chargers fans.

He will go down as one of the best quarterbacks in the game of football. Rivers has a realistic shot at a Hall Of Fame enshrinement. His career numbers are very solid. 36,000 yards and a career QB rating of 95.7 are very respectable numbers. Hopefully the team does the right thing and keep #17 in uniform until he is ready to leave the game. The city and the fans would love that.


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