Chargers News: Reggie Wayne To The Chargers?

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Mandatory Credit: AP Photo
Mandatory Credit: AP Photo

Reggie Wayne had played more games than any other Indianapolis Colt in history, but was not resigned after a disappointing year. Now after deciding recently to come back and play in 2015, there are quite a few suitors interested in the 36-year old receiver.

While he battled injuries throughout the year, he could still make an impact for a contender with a veteran QB, which is why teams like the Patriots, Packers, Chargers, Ravens, and not in this category but the Texans have also been curious.

The story was first reported by Ed Werner appearing on ESPN’s NFL Live show on Wednesday that the San Diego Chargers were a potential landing spot for Wayne.

The Chargers, who have already signed a plethora of receivers this offseason, would be stacked at the starter position. They’d have Keenan Allen, Malcolm Floyd, Steven Johnson, and now Reggie Wayne all battling for time.

The timing however, couldn’t have been more perfect for the Chargers who just a few weeks ago found out their star Tight End Antonio Gates would miss the first four games after being suspended. So could Wayne come in and help the passing game tremendously during the first half of the season.

Another fact pointing in favor of the Chargers signing Wayne is the connection between him and GM Tom Telesco. Telesco used to work for the Colts and has a strong relationship with the wide out. With a link already in place, it’s not too far-fetched that a deal gets done. If the Chargers were to take a flier on him, he could at the very least be a great presence in the locker room. He could also teach Keenan Allen and the younger players how to consistently be great at the wide receiver position.

Mandatory Cedit: Sporting News
Mandatory Cedit: Sporting News

But despite those reasons, does it make sense for the Chargers do sign a 36-year old receiver who is coming off surgery to repair a torn triceps?

Wayne had just 64 catches for 779 yards and 2 TD’s in 2014, missing just one game. But in 2013 missed the last nine games after tearing his ACL.

One thing you can’t argue with is his career numbers. Spending his whole career with the Colts, he amassed 1,070 catches, good for 7th in NFL history to go with 14,345, good for 8th.

What do you think the Chargers should do? Yay or nay for Reggie Wayne?

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