Chargers News: Is It Time for a Change? Fire McCoy?

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mike mccoy week 7
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The play of the San Diego Chargers has been depressing this season. The inconsistencies of this team are ridiculous and the self-destruction of the team against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday could ultimately cost the Chargers head coach his job. There is a lot of talk round town if that is a possibility.

The worst thingĀ is it appears he is beginning to lose some players in the locker room. Eric Weddle had some troubling comments on Monday afternoon. Bernie Wilson of the A.P. Press asked Weddle about his health and Weddle responded: “You know I can’t comment on that stuff… go ask the ball coach.” Could this be frustration on Weddle’s part from the embarrassing loss and his failure to play? Is there something going on in the locker room?

Weddle has always been an honest player. He has no problem telling the media exactly how he feels. He is clearly frustrated with the play of the Chargers but it’s not clear if McCoy is the focal point of his frustration. The young coach still has a record of 20-19 as the team’s head coach. The Chargers are clearly under-performing, but is McCoy the problem or is the issue larger than that?

The Chargers play on Sunday was truly frustrating. The team has recently been a team that adjust on the fly . It seems like the common theme in the Mike McCoy era is the Bolts fall behind early, and rally in the end. Same thing happened on Sunday against the Raiders. McCoy and the team have made quality adjustments after seeing what their opponent is trying to do to them.

Unfortunately the team has looked clueless early in ball games. That is on McCoy and the staff for not being prepared during the week. Most coaching staffs can make adjustments once the game has started, but true coaching genius is knowing what your opponent is trying to do to you before hand and being prepared for that. The Chargers have been exposed early and often on defense. Defensive coordinator John Pagano is surely on the hot seat as well.

Mandatory Credit: Getty Images
Mandatory Credit: Getty Images

The Chargers have given up 198 points this season. Only three other teams (Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans) have given up more. The defense is getting burnt often and there just seems to be no passion on that side of the ball. Eric Weddle and his contract issues have spilled onto the field as his play has obviously been effected. Hard to blame Weddle entirely as the future of him and his young family is in flux. The Chargers just have too much going on to focus on any of their issues.

With stadium and relocation issues and players contract issues, the Chargers have been busy in the business aspect of the game. It is truly a miracle that Philip Rivers contract was worked out before the season, or this team could really be in trouble. Mike Mccoy has done a decent job up until this season. You can argue about some of his play calling and coaching decisions but that is the nature of the game. Coaches can be and always will be criticized for the moves they make.

The concerning thing about McCoy is he may be losing the locker room. Once that happens to a coach, it is pretty inevitable that he will be ousted at one point. The passion and heart of the San Diego Chargers is very much in question right now. McCoy needs to figure out how to motivate his troops and get the very best out of each and every one of them. If there are problems in the locker room with certain players, then they need to be sent home. Chargers fans can clearly see that the team is pulling in two different directions. If they plan on succeeding and keeping their coaches job, then they need to make the proper changes. The season is not over, but in all reality the team has one foot out the door. If a change isn’t made on the field, then there WILL BE changes made in the locker room and with the coaching staff.

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