Chargers News: Injuries Already Hitting Chargers

Mandatory Credit: UT San Diego
Mandatory Credit: UT San Diego

It is inevitable, football is a brutal sport. It is tough on the body and injuries are just part of the game. The San Diego Chargers are not immune to this and the injuries are already starting to mount.

Chargers defensive lineman Tenny Palepoi broke his foot and is out for the rest of the season. His foot injury is particularly tough for the Chargers since their defensive line lacks depth. Losing him costs the Chargers a quality rotational player. Palepoi can be very effective against the run.

With his loss, as is the nature of football, the next man must step up and take his place. Ryan Carrethers was drafted last season and could help the team. His time to step up is now. Rookie Darius Philon has a ton of potential and he will be counted on heavily by the Chargers with Palepoli out. Mitch Unrein and Ricardo Mathews also provide some depth on the defensive front as well.

On top of losing Palepoi the Chargers had a scare as Orlando Franklin left yesterday’s practice with a knee injury. The huge offensive lineman will be alright but he will return to practice slowly. He is an important cog in the Chargers offensive line and there is no rush in him making his return. Franklin is new to the team and you would like him o practice to gain chemistry with his new teammates, however his health is the priority.

Chris Watt the new starting center is also banged up right now in Chargers training camp. He has a right leg injury and has failed to practice the past few days. Watt will be looked at very closely during camp. he center position killed the Chargers last season and Watt’s health will be of utmost importance.

The Chargers training camp is here and the season is right around the corner. Hopefully these few injuries are all that the Chargers will have to deal with this preseason. Health will be critical is determining the success of this Chargers team.

Losing Palepoi was rough but the Chargers have time to find some help on the defensive line. Every year cuts are made to quality players and the Chargers will need to do their homework if they intend to find a quality free agent pickup. The team has reportedly already signed Luther Robinson. A former Packer who will provide depth on the defensive line. Chargers season is here folks, are you ready for it?

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