Chargers Editorial: Saying Goodbye to the Soft Chargers

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Credit: UT San Diego
Credit: UT San Diego

This Sunday the San Diego Chargers take on the Miami Dolphins in what could very well be the Bolts last game in San Diego. A sad day for Chargers fans and an even sadder day for America’s Finest City.

There is so much uncertainty about the future of this team, and that unknown factor only makes this whole situation even more bizarre. The team could conceivably play in San Diego next year, they could play in Los Angeles, or the city could be welcoming a new team.

The only certainty is that the Spanos family has damaged their relationship so badly with the city that even if the team were forced to stay, I am not sure the relationship could be fixed. Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates and company could be gone. The players we have all grown to love, could be playing in another city this time next season. A hard pill to swallow. The uncertainty of this whole thing is maddening.

Where does that leave Chargers fans? It leaves us all in limbo. Not sure if we should support the team that has turned its back on us, or remain faithful despite all the obvious signs of infidelity.

Being that I have been a fan of the team since the Dan Fouts era and have always supported the team, I will try to remain faithful. It is difficult though because the team really stinks right now. I mean they are bad. The coaching staff looks remedial and the players seem undisciplined and bored. There is no fire and playing the game with no fire is a recipe for disaster.

When you play the game with no passion or fire, you get hurt. It is no coincidence that Charger players have been dropping like flies. The are well-known as a soft team and by just going through the motions, you leave yourself open to injury. Oh and the Chargers players have been injured.

Think about it. All through pop warner and high school you are taught not to be scared and play with emotion. By just being content and not getting fired up out there, more often than not you are the one who gets pushed around and thus injured.

I’m not sure what the Chargers practices are like, and I am not questioning their conditioning. They just need to play with more emotion and heart. Donald Butler was taken out of the starting inside linebacker position because he epitomized what was wrong with this team. Butler is constantly caught on game tape just going through the motions. The team needs to rid themselves of players with this kind of attitude.

Who knows what the Chargers future is. This whole situation makes me sick to my stomach. The fan base is the one who is suffering. The ignorance of the city of San Diego teamed with the stubbornness of the Spanos family has left the Chargers team and its future in limbo. This Sunday’s game will be an emotional roller coaster for the fans and the players. Here’s to supporting the Chargers, even though they have turned their backs on us.

2 thoughts on “Chargers Editorial: Saying Goodbye to the Soft Chargers

  1. I just can’t do it. I can’t even watch anymore. And share a stadium with who…WHO?? SERIOUSLY?? After 50 years of loving my home team, suddenly they are neither. The game is over for me.

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